Monday, December 2, 2013

Back at Home!

After 6 days away, the Bliss family is finally back at home. Life has been hectic, but full of family and love over the past week. I don't even know where to begin... let's start with the bad & end on a high note. 

at my in-laws on Thanksgiving with my favorite turkey! 
Ella somehow contracted the plague & passed it on to everyone she knows. I spent a solid 24 hours feeling miserable... I'm a silver lining kind of girl though, so I prefer to think of it as a pre-Thanksgiving cleanse. Knowing that I'd consumed a Sprite & some saltines the day before made me feel a lot less guilty while consuming apple pie on Thursday.

with my Aunt Babs on Black Friday
On Black Friday, I headed out with my sister & my aunt to our favorite mall. (Ella's plague had taken down my mom & she had to stay home.) We had a great day. I scored some serious deals & have my Christmas shopping almost done. I have a few random items to scoop up on Amazon and that will be it. The best part of the day was reenacting scenes from Elf with my aunt though. I just love her. We have the best time together & the look on my sister's face when she turned around & saw me doing this on the escalator was priceless. 

Our halls are completely decked at home. I have garland on the stairs, a decked out tree, and stockings hung by the chimney with care. I'm just loving coming home to twinkly lights. It just makes life seem more magical! 

And probably the highlight of my long weekend was my unanticipated flurry of productivity yesterday. I washed all of our bedding and got everything unpacked. (The luggage is completely put away because I'm refusing to leave my house for the next 3 weeks.) I got my grading all caught up & even had time to make a few returns to Target. Seriously, that hour at Target was amazing. It was so quiet in there & I walked around sipping a Starbucks, taking my sweet time. Honestly, that hour was totally needed & made me feel human again. 

the other highlight of my weekend - homemade chex mix! 

Now, I'm back at school. Back to practice. Back to packing my lunch & walking on my lunch breaks. But you know what, I'm OK with it. Normalcy is totally underrated. 


  1. Been enjoying seeing everything on Instagram - looks like you guys had a great time in spite of the difficulties leading into it. We stayed home and ended up with no visitors this year, and the peace and relaxation was very much welcome. :) You are definitely right that normalcy is a great thing!

  2. I love the picture of you on the escalator! Enjoy the downtime before crazy Christmas begins!