Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Running Gear

It's official. The snow has arrived here in Upstate NY...

I'd be upset about it, but I'm not dreading winter nearly as much now that I have a SUV. It also means that Christmas is just a little bit closer. And... it gives me a reason to shop for new running gear!

I know I haven't been posting about my runs as regularly around here, but I promise they're happening. I read the other day on Hubby Jack's blog that running is a dying trend. I disagree. I just think that people are talking about it a little less because it's become old hat - a part of their daily routines. It doesn't consume me the way it did when I was training for my race... it's just a part of my life now. Just like eating healthy & showering - I do it regularly. 

Doing it regularly in the winter is a lot tougher though. I'm begging Santa for a family membership to the local YMCA so that Ella & I can stay fit indoors this winter, but just in case that doesn't happen, I've picked out my winter running essentials.  

A Comfy Training Hoodie 

There is just something I love about running in a hoodie on a brisk day. I love throwing one one with running tights & setting off. In winter months, a hoodie usually isn't enough though & I have to layer up like that kid in A Christmas Story. But not now... Nike has a whole line of Dri-Fit Wool Products this season - designed to keep you warm without running in your parka! My favorite is the Nike Dri-Fit Women's Wool Training Hoodie. The cowl neck is perfect for burrowing your face in & the reflective details keep you safe on those dim evening runs. Definitely worth investing in... 

Reflective Running Jacket

Buy It Here

Ok, my next item is pricey but I'm all about not getting hit by cars, so I'm investing in one. This reflective jacket is amazing. The whole bottom portion is reflective, so your whole torso lights up! Pair that with a head lamp & a neon pink base layer and you'll be set to go! (Again, it's pricey though, so if you aren't serious about running outside in the dark, I wouldn't go for it.)  

Running Tights

I run in capris 50% of the time, even in the summer. (I like to keep my thighs under control.) But my normal capris & leggings can't hack it in the winter months. If you plan to run outside in the cold, snow, or rain - invest in real thermal running tights. I have these ones from the GapFit Line & absolutely love them. They're high waisted & very thick - but still reasonably priced. I've heard that North Face makes amazing running tights too. 

Head Gear

Don't try to run outside in the winter without something covering your ears. You will regret it fast. I personally love ear warmers because they help hold my ear phones in place & I can still rock my pony tail. Other people prefer hats that have a pony tail hole. It's really just about personal preference - though ear warmers are typically cheaper. I've had my $20 Nike head band for 4 years now & it's still going strong. 

Sturdy Shoes

I love my Wave Riders so I think I'm going to try these Wave
Ascend 7's - on the list for great traction & stability.

Make sure that your shoes can handle the terrain created by ice & snow. I do not recommend running in any minimalist shoe in these conditions - I may have almost died in them last year. Definitely go with something that offers you a lot of stability & support. Since I'm no expert in this area, I found this list of shoes for winter running - which I'm sure was put together by someone far smarter than I am :)

Get out there & enjoy the snow! 


  1. No snow down here in Houston but I am loving the gear you picked out! So cute!

  2. Totally agree that it is nonsense to say 'running is dying' - like saying 'rock music is dying' or whatever. If anything the opposite is true - race entries are higher than ever, more and more half- and full-marathoners out there than ever. But looking at his blog, his entire premise is on the number of Instagram running pics - and he has a negative running bias. Oh well ... not going to follow THAT blog :)

    Yep, half-inch of snow and 17 degrees yesterday morning in the Corning area!

    I am a hat person ... but then again, I'm a guy so don't have to worry about a ponytail :)

    And thermal running tights are amazing ... they get me from 40F down to 20F without anything extra (I have Nike).

    And layering is key! I have a great base-layer and also a thermal sweatshirt, light and heavy gloves, and a number of sub-arctic things for when it gets really cold ... because I don't stop just because it is below zero!