Friday, November 15, 2013

Styling My Sister's Engagement Shoot!

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to put on my Maid of Honor hat & play stylist for my sister's engagement photos! I was so beyond excited for the opportunity, mainly because I wish that Pinterest had existed when I was prepping for my nuptials. After meeting with the fabulous Tammy Swales, we decided on a few basic concepts for the photos. The first involved the woods, the second involved their pup, and the third involved the bar that they met in. Life likes to throw curveballs though, so we ended up scratching the bar & finding another location... which  turned out to be amazing. 

Concept 1: Park Ave with Fall Colors & Their Pup

Britt & Matt met at an Irish pub on a popular street in our city, Park Ave. The street is host of many of their favorite places & Britt's favorite festival of the year. (We're big on festivals in Rochester.) So, we decided that we'd do a shoot of them walking on the street, and then also a few shots of them with Barkley in one of the small parks nearby. 

Britt really wanted fall colors for this one, so she borrowed my favorite Banana Republic blouse and paired it with my J.Crew scarf. Matt got a great deal on his sweater from Banana too... Barkley is wearing a doggie vest for L.L. Bean. He told me that it was very warm, but he wishes that it'd had a spot for his leash so he didn't have to wear his collar underneath it. 

Concept 2: Woods with Fur 

When Britt & I met with Tammy, she showed up a gorgeous photo from another shoot that she had done this time last year. We both swooned & knew that we wanted some pictures done there. The woods is literally less than 5 minutes from where I lived for two years, yet I had no idea it even existed! 

As far as her outfit goes, I was dead set on my sister wearing faux fur for these shots. I sent her a few inspiration photos from Pinterest & sold her on the idea. Finding fur was a real challenge at the time, but of course now I'm seeing it everywhere! I really love how her white fur vest looks in these photos & am so glad that I talked her into it! 

Concept 3: 490 at Sunset

Britt & Matt both work with cars all day long. Thus, we decided to incorporate that into their photos in a unique way. Tammy found an overpass just as the sun was beginning to set. It was magic. 

Britt wore a dress she found on clearance at American Eagle, with a rust colored cardigan from Gap. She had to put her tights on in the car with numb fingers from the cold - which was a comical sight, but she pulled it off :) Matt is wearing a button down with J.Crew that I found for 40% off too. I just love how they're outfits compliment one another without being all matchy - matchy. 

I just cannot tell you how much I loved working with Tammy. And can we just take a second to acknowledge how gorgeous my sister is? Love her. These aren't even my photos & I want to wall paper my house in them. Her wedding is going to be ridiculous. We heart #teamswales


  1. You did an amazing job with styling them! I love the pictures too!

  2. amazing job styling!!!! I am going to come to you for tips! ♥

  3. They look great! And I LOVE Park Ave!

  4. Great job! Those are too cute!

  5. Love the outfits and pictures! so cute!