Monday, November 4, 2013

Photoshoots, Playdates, & The Return of Red Cups...

It is absolutely frigid here this morning! As in I had my gloves, North Face, and scarf on to drive to work frigid. Also, in case I didn't feel it myself as I walked from the house to my car, my new car apparently flashes the temperature at you when it dips below freezing. It is very distracting. I don't know if it does it forever, maybe it'll stop if I'm driving far enough? I'm hoping that my husband can figure out how to make it stop... 

We had a lovely little weekend around the Bliss household. Lots of family time. No eating out - yay us! A little bit of shopping & a little bit of photoshooting. #loveitall

they're blurry because they never stop moving! 

On Friday afternoon, Ella & I went to her boyfriend's house for a play date! She hadn't gotten to play with Keith in awhile and it's so awesome to see that she can finally keep up with him. He's 4 months older than her & normally she's kind of trailing behind him. But Friday, she was on fire! It just confirmed what the doctor told me at her 15 month check up - "she's right on track." Trust me, you have no idea how exciting the words "your child is perfectly normal" are until you have a child! I'm striving for average at this point people! 

Eric was gone Friday night, which meant lots of snuggle time for mommy & Ella. She was in such a good mood & kind of just ran between her playroom and the living room for most of the night while I did some work & watched a few episodes of Super Fun Night (The show is very random, but very funny.) 

On Saturday, Ella & I headed to the mall with my sister & her fiance. We were on a very specific mission. Find clothes for the boys. Our Christmas card photo shoot got moved back (it was supposed to be a few weeks ago) & I had decided that I hated Eric's original outfit. My sister had her engagement photoshoot on Sunday afternoon, so we had to make sure Matt had coordinating outfits for all of her looks too. That meant a lot of time in J.Crew & Banana - which paid off because we found awesome stuff! 

in BR with my second red cup of the season // Ella with a large puppy at LL Bean
Ella with a more suitable puppy option // Britt modeling one of Eric's button down choices 

We also found red cups at Starbucks... which made us very happy. #peppermintmochaforall I know a lot of people have been up in arms about their "early return" but I'm here to tell you that Christmas begins on November 1st at my house - thus I will have at least 1 red cup per week for the next two months. #bitemehaters

my first red cup of the season on Friday afternoon

Sunday morning brought Daylight Savings Time, which Ella does not understand at all.... we were just up even earlier than normal on a weekend. I took her downstairs to play while Eric caught a few more hours of sleep. Again, she kind of just ran around & entertained herself allowing me to catch up on some blogging & school work. I'm just loving this stage that she's at. Post to come soon on how awesome 15 months is... 

The finale to my weekend was playing assistant at my sister's engagement shoot! It was a crisp 35 degrees outside & I was bundled up in my parka but I just love photography & if I had it all to do over again, I'd become a photographer. The amazing Tammy let me help out & I had the best time. I had planned on sneaking a few pics on my camera phone, but was pretty sure I'd get in trouble if I got caught, so I refrained. However, I cannot wait to share the photos with you! Here's just a little taste of how gorgeous the sky was from Tammy's IG... 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too! 

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  1. I am so excited for peppermint mochas! I will have to get one tomorrow before it snows 2-4 inches!