Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Valley Beer & Wine Festival

This weekend Eric & I took a road trip with my sister & her fiancé to Ellicottville, NY, home of Holiday Valley Ski Resort. We were there to attend their annual beer & wine festival. Let's just say the boys were a little bit excited... 

After a killer workout with my sister on Saturday morning (which I'm still feeling today...) we got packed & headed out. Holiday Valley is about 2 hours from Rochester, so it was a relatively quick ride. The town itself is adorable, but we didn't have time to explore it this weekend. I'd love to go back in the summer to do some hiking & enjoy the pools. 

We stayed at the Tamarack Club, right next to where the festival was being held. Our room was gorgeous with a full kitchen, fireplace, & deck! The boys loved that it had a full size fridge for beers & I think it'd be perfect for a long weekend with Ella because we wouldn't have to dine out every meal. 
on the balcony with Eric
Once we got dressed & took in our gorgeous view, we headed to John Harvard's Brewhouse to get a base in our stomachs :) Britt & I ordered Riesling, the boys ordered a house brew, & we all split a large flatbread pizza. We finished up just in time to get in line for the festival... which is when I realized that I didn't have my ID with me! Seriously, I thought Eric was going to kill me & I was fully prepared to go eat ice cream in the hotel room alone all night. Luckily, we had a very sweet bouncer who took my younger sister's word for it that I'm 3 years older than her.

Once we got inside, the boys got to work. God only knows how much they consumed, but I know that I definitely had enough... 

We called it a night by 10 because that's what starting at 2 does to us these days. However, the hotel did have free shuttles running into town until 2:30 am. 

fried food break...

It was a great time, I just think I'm getting old because I was really excited to get home to this. 

Ella has learned how to take selfies :) 


  1. Well done Ella on the selfie :)
    The fesitval sounds like fun.. lucky the bouncer was easy going otherwise that would have ruined it.
    x Nats ~

  2. Looks like a blast! Funny how quickly those 'party ways' fade, isn't it? We don't even make an attempt to stay up as late as our kids at this point :D