Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ella at 15 Months

Ella @ 15 Months... 

Stats: 21 lbs. 9 oz. & 31 inches 

  • Ella will eat just about anything you put in front of her, but her favorites are blueberries, ice cream, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and yogurt pouches. 
  • She's starting to learn to use utensils, which is equally comical and messy.  
  • Ella has a sweet tooth, just like her mommy - so we have to be careful about how much sugar she's getting! 

  • She moves & she moves fast. She can full on run & climbs steps. She's still really clumsy though and falls all the time. I can't believe that she doesn't have a concussion with the amount of times she bangs her head a day, but the doctor assures me that it's completely normal at this stage. Which is good, because I was ready to invest in a helmet for her. 

  • Ella goes in spurts with her talking. One day she won't shut up & will babble your ear off. The next, she'll barely make a peep. Her babysitter says that she is always talking with the other babies at day care though, so I think it might just vary with her sleepiness when she gets home with me. 
  • She can now say - mom, dad, dog, Ella, Bri, and baby. 
  • If you ask Ella what a dog says, she'll say "ruff, ruff" - cutest ever! 

Other Funny Stuff: 
  • Ella is obsessed with putting her sand bucket on her head. She just loves to run around the house with it on. She knows that it's funny too, because she looks at you & expects you to laugh at her! 
  • At cheer practice Ella runs around & goes through the girls' bags. We now have a zipper pouch policy because of her excellent taste in both cell phones & jewelry. 
  • Ella's favorite app on my iPhone is now Peekaboo Fridge. She just loves it & totally knows how to run it on her own. 
  • Ella has extremely wide feet & can't wear a lot of shoes. It's very frustrating because I'd like to buy her leopard print Sperry's & baby Uggs for Christmas - but they don't fit. We have to order her shoes from Stride Rite's wide selection... 
  • We're just getting into Sesame Street & she's taking a liking to Elmo. This makes Eric cringe, but I think of Elmo as a rite of passage, so I'm excited about it :) 

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