Monday, November 18, 2013

Bunny Slippers

Hold onto your hats people, because today's post is going to be just as random as the title... 

Bunny Slippers

This is what happens when Daddy gets her dressed... 

chillin' on the floor together after my run on Friday night... 

Ella is absolutely obsessed with these bunny slippers. She got them for her birthday, but they were too big then. They've been sitting in her toy chest & she just randomly brought them out to my mother in law on Friday. She's been wearing them ever since... 

Family Walks

a little chilly but so sunny on our walk Saturday

It was a really nice day on Saturday, so we were all able to get outside. We did a family 5K & then raked leaves in the yard for a few hours. Ella just loved being outside & ran around the yard chasing Charlie. It's going to stink to be stuck inside for the next few months... 

Date Night 

My sister watched Ella while Eric & I went on a date Saturday night. We really enjoy going to local restaurants & have been meaning to try TRATA for awhile. I loved the atmosphere. The food was just ok - a little pricey. I'd go again with friends, but we'll probably opt for one of our favorite places next time we go out by ourselves. After dinner, we walked over to Alex & Ani so that I could show Eric a few bracelets I've been eyeing. 36 Days til Christmas! 

Christmas Trees

two things I love - my SUV & Christmas trees! 

The end to our date night was a trip to Target. (I know, we're romantic like that.) I'd been earlier in the day & spotted a Christmas tree that I wanted to show Eric. We went, he liked it, and it was on sale! Fate! Thus, we finally got to use my fold down seats & take our tree home! It's currently sitting in our living room, begging me to put it up, but the hubs won't allow it until Thanksgiving is over. Since I'll be gone next weekend, he'll probably get his way on this one. 

Trader Joe's

Ok, I know that bloggers love Trader Joe's. I'm sure you've all heard about it, but I'd honestly never been - even though we've had one in Rochester for over a year. That all changed on Sunday when I ventured out with my sister for some shopping. I ended up buying a few things to try. For instance, cookie butter - which I hear is the shit. I also got this awesome cinnamon & sugar grinder that I'm anticipating will take my applesauce to a whole new level. Oh, and quesadillas, guacamole hummus, blueberries, mango peach juice, and some chocolate. I will definitely go back soon. 

Mac & Cheese

Eric and I decided to make the mac & cheese to end all mac & cheeses this weekend. We created Buffalo Macaroni & Trees. This delicious concoction is mac & cheese with homemade buffalo bites in it, plus cauliflower & broccoli. OMG it was so good. I have a heaping bowl of leftovers awaiting my return at home... 

Speaking of my return to home... I may never get there. Today begins winter cheer season, which means that my days are marathons. I leave in the dark & return in the dark. Today is even worse than normal because for some bizarre reason I decided to help out one of my summer tutoring kids for a few hours each week. (Ok, the reasons aren't that bizarre - I like him & we can always use a little extra spending money.) So today, I left the house with 6 bags & 2 iced teas. I'm fitting my workout in on my lunch break. But, I'm using the term workout loosely because it's basically going to be 30 minutes of power walking in the hallways. Better than nothing... 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Those bunny slippers are sooooooo cute :) I don't blame Ella for loving them
    x Nats