Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Must Have Shirt!

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest Told Me To & I respect her opinion in the most devoted of ways. But I have to tell you people, I know what I'm talking about too! Which is why today, I'm featuring my own must have shirt! This is a big deal, thus we're even going to give it its own hashtag - #musthaveshirt. 

Just over a week ago, Gap was having a 40% off event plus Gap Cash. I knew that I had to pounce, so I immediately got to browsing. There were lots of items that caught my eye, but I've really been trying to focus my shopping efforts on versatile tops. Ladies, that is exactly what I found.... 

Behold... the Fluid Pleat Back T
It's loose & flowy, but not so flowy that it looks like a poncho. It's just the right length too! It isn't going to get confused for a tunic & it'll never look like a crop top either. Perfection! Ladies, I loved it so much that I bought two. 

Here it is in Navy (which I thought was black when I ordered it... oops!) paired with pink jeans, gold glitter flats, and gold jewelry. Remember, I warned you that navy, pink, and gold was going to be my new favorite color combo! 

And then I bought it in Oatmeal & paired it with my camo pants and suede wedges today! Yes, I'm wearing it two days in a row. No, I don't care. The shirt is that awesome & I think that these two looks are great demonstrations of exactly how versatile it really is! 

I'm not playing around here people... go out & get it! And Gap, if you're listening - I need it in black & stripes ASAP!