Friday, October 4, 2013

Who Has Time for That?

October is one of my busiest months of the  year. The team practices every night because we compete almost every weekend. It's when I get observed by my principal, so hours upon hours go into preparations within my classroom. It's also when I become a football widow, as my husband spends his free time working on his fantasy football team & screaming at the team. All of this on top of my normal schedule can be overwhelming... 

I've learned to take it in stride over the years, but there are some things that have to fall by the way side & leave me asking myself, "who has time for that?" 

Long Runs
I don't have two hours to dedicate to running right now. Long runs have fallen by the wayside. I'm lucky that I'm getting 2 to 3 short runs in at this point. The rest of my fitness routine is resting on my obsession with the Blogilates app. It seems to be working & everything fits just as well as it did when I was running 25 miles a week - praise Jesus for small miracles! 

Painting My Nails
I don't know who extended sandal season into October, but they clearly don't understand that I don't have time for a pedicure. All of those cute nail ideas on Pinterest, I don't even bother to pin them anymore. My nails look absolutely disgusting right now. I really need to suck it up & pay for an hour of relaxation, but I just haven't found the time for that...

TV Shows 
I used to be a TV junkie, but that all fell by the wayside once Ella started walking. We get home, eat something, & then we spend the next few hours holed up in her playroom. I can usually fit in 1 or 2 quick sitcoms as she falls asleep, but that's about it. Everything else gets sent straight to TiVo. I keep telling myself I'll find time to catch up on my faves - like Nashville! - but so far that hasn't happened! Oh well... I've heard it rots your brain anyway :) 

Grocery Shopping 
This is horrible, but we're currently surviving off of the small grocery trips that I've been sending Eric on for the past two weeks. He's keeping us in essentials, but it's slim pickings around here right now. My hope is to make a real grocery run this afternoon & cook up a few casseroles to get us through the next week... if it happens it'll be a flippin' miracle, so I'll be sure to post it on Twitter & IG. If there's one thing I always seem to find time for, it's social media. 


  1. Grocery shopping, do not even MENTION it. I can't WAIT to start my new job and free up the 20 hours a week that, up until August, were spent on menu planning, grocery shopping, ironing and cleaning, and exercising.

    Life is too busy sometimes. Hope yours calms down soon!

  2. I have to be ridiculously busy to not paint my nails! I'm slightly obsessed ;)