Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Over...

You know how some people wake up on Fridays & think TGIF. Well, I woke up this morning thinking TGCSIO. That stands for Thank God Cheer Season Is Over. I am in desperate need of these next three weeks off so I can mentally prepare for the marathon that is winter cheer. 
Ella at competition yesterday... 

The girls took first place again yesterday! So proud of them & all they've accomplished. Just ready to spend a little less time with them :) 

In other news... I am picking up my new car tonight! I posted awhile ago that we were going to start looking, but it turned into a completely different scenario than I'd planned. So... we're keeping my car that is totally paid off & picking up a new lease on a pretty pimped out Nissan Rogue. I'm very excited about owning a SUV. I plan to start hauling & towing immediately. Joking! I'm way more excited about my sunroof & nav screen. I never thought I'd be getting those any time soon. 

What else did we do this weekend? Well... my parents came into town Saturday night & attended my competition yesterday. (My babysitter informed me that all of the cheer moms now have a crush on my dad. A little weird, but I think it's a compliment.) We ate dinner & did some light shopping. I picked up the scarf that I'm wearing today for $15 at J.Crew - originally $89. Score! (Seriously, who pays $89 for a scarf?) And... that's about all I have for this insanely random post. Be back with something far more normal & interesting tomorrow! 
details on this outfit on Wednesday! 


  1. Totally understand - this year both my boys are in marching band on top of everything else, and it is very time consuming between supporting sports games as well as practices and competitions all over the place. They are ranked fourth in the state in their class, and are looking forward to this coming weekend for a couple of reasons ... it is 'Domes' - the state final competition at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, and it also means the end of the marching band season!

    Enjoy your down-time!