Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Do It Fabulously

Life has been a little overwhelming lately. I've been in the heat of competition season, while trying to do my real job here at school. Throw on top of that, the furnace needs to be replaced, we have to trade in our lease & find a new car, we need to have our Christmas photos done, my parents are coming into town. Oh, and we have a child to raise. The house is a disaster & if it was left up to me we'd eat chicken nuggets & tater tots for dinner every night. Screw exercise right now, I want a nap. 

Typing that paragraph just gave me anxiety all over again. I can't continue to live in a constant state of frenzy... which means cutting back. If I can't do it fabulously, then I'm not going to do it. It was time to prioritize. So, last night I sat down with Eric after Ella had fallen asleep & made a list of the 5 things I'm going to focus my time & energy on... 

Ella is my #1 priority - at all times. She is the non-negotiable in this scenario. Because she is the #1 & now eats exactly what we do for dinner, cooking healthy dinners has to be a priority too. Since my teaching job & coaching pay close to 3/4 of our bills, I need to continue to do them well. Luckily, it is the off season for the next 3 weeks & my cheer responsibilities will be far less than normal. And because my husband says that I am a far happier & balanced person when I exercise, I'm going to make sure I get something in every day. I may start running before the sun... but more on that later :) 

Eric is going to pick up the slack for me on house cleaning, laundry, and general house maintenance. He's overseeing the new furnace/hot water heater install as I type this. Such a good husband... 

What do you prioritize? 

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  1. I have to do this and then REDO it all the time. If I don't then I will lose focus things get all crazy.