Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apparently It's Still Summer...

So two weeks ago, I wrote about how the weather won't make up its mind & that it's making getting dressed problematic. Fortunately, the weather has made up its mind & apparently it is summer. I have worn shorts or tank tops for over a week straight. This sort of thing is unheard of for October in New York! Some people are complaining about it & blaming global warming. I, on the other hand, have decided to embrace it... 

top - J.Crew // skinnies - Gap // sandals - Target // watch - Coach
This is probably my favorite outfit from the past two weeks. I absolutely love my peplum top from J.Crew & think it really pops against my green skinny jeans. I also love the touches of gold thrown in, because green & gold make me feel like a leprechaun :) 

bermudas - J.Crew // belt - J.Crew // shirt - J.Crew // sandals - American Eagle 
This just happens to be what I'm wearing today... I keep thinking that every outfit I wear involving shorts will be my last for the year. Apparently that's not the case & my collection of bermudas has been getting a workout this school year. I was originally planning to wear a black belt with this outfit, but it didn't fit through my belt loops (which I found to be very odd...) so I went with my favorite gold one, which adds just a little pizzazz to the whole ensemble. 
blouse - Kiki LaRue // skinnies - Gap // wedges - Target // watch - Coach 
I wore this to my cousin's baby shower on Sunday. It was a warm day, but I still wanted to feel like it was fall, so I went with my sheer leopard blouse, skinnies, and camel wedges. Just an FYI - if you're looking for amazingly comfortable wedges, these are awesome! I got them from Target for $30 & I've already gotten my money's worth. They're also suede, which makes them feel just a little luxe. 

skinnies - Old Navy // wedges - Target // top - Gap
 necklace - Francessca's Closet // watch - Coach 
Probably the most comfortable outfit I've worn in the past two weeks is this one. I threw it on for casual Friday & just loved it... There's nothing really "special" about it, I just think that it's very "Bri" & that makes me happy. 

And just because this outfit melted my heart this morning... here's Ella in her Halloween shirt, with shorts & sandals because it's already 70 degrees outside today. 

shirt - Gap //shorts - Carter's // sandals - Gap // headband - Gap 

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  1. Love all of your looks! I'm on the Jersey Shore and it's downright hot today...I'm itching to wear my boots and cardigans ;-)

  2. I am loving the weather we have had lately! And after this post I may just need to head to JCrew on my lunch! ...working 2 min from Eastview is bad for my wallet...

  3. The black peplum with the green pants are my favourite :)
    In South Africa, we're supposed to have hot days and rainy evenings during Spring but it is yet to rain .. something is definitely up with the weather

    x Nats ~

  4. UGH I am getting so stressed about moving to GA! I hate that heat! Haha but yes, I've been in summer clothes still too...better than 5 months of snow I guess!