Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whatever Happened to Mandy Moore?

My mind is fried... I've been single parenting for the past 72 hours & I can barely process. On top of that, it's also curriculum night here at school. Oh, and it's 90 degrees outside. We don't have AC in schools in NY, so it is as hot as a mother in this building! And to top it all off, I refuse to fall off my fitness bandwagon, so I ran 3 miles & did core work - so I'm currently drenched in sweat. Parents are going to find me so attractive... kidding, I am hitting the showers in a few! 

Since I'm having a hard time thinking straight, I'm going to link up with Holly & Jake so all I have to do is finish sentences. (In the education world, we would call this scaffolding, which is exactly what I need on a day like today.) 

My happy place... is the mall. Even if I'm not buying anything, it brings a sense of calm. 

Whatever happened to.... Mandy Moore? I used to love her... 

So what if I.... am putting my healthy lifestyle first & letting my laundry pile up to the ceiling. 

E! needs a reality show about... the world of cheerleading. CMT did it last year, but I've heard nothing about it coming back. TLC is trying to do it, but they have failed. (Trust me, it's awful.) I have faith in E! though, they could do it. 

My go-to fast food meal is... 6 piece Chicken McNugget with Snack Size Oreo McFlurry.

You might not know that I... pick up just about anything with my toes. It's a true talent. 

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Tom Brady. Love him :) except when he plays the Bills.

If I could....find the time to train consistently, I would commit to running a full marathon. 

My personality is awesome because... I'm genuine. I really suck at being fake. So if I tell you that you look nice today, I mean it. 

Twerking is.... way more popular than you would ever want to know with middle schoolers. 

I think it's super gross when... anything gets on my tooth brush. Ugh... I can't handle it. 

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus....that she is not good enough for her fiance. I have no idea how/why he puts up with her antics. She must be amazing in bed. 


  1. I was just thinking the same thing about Mandy Moore! I totally cracked up at your last sentence. That's so true!

  2. Hey Bri,
    Love this post, I remember when Mandy Moore had that song Candy oh my goodness was I obsessed with that song!! and then she did a walk to remember, I thought she was amazing ha ha!
    Glad to hear that you are doing so well!
    Love Gi

  3. Mandy married that hipster rocker Ryan Adams... and was Repunzel in Tangeled. I feel pathetic to know so much. :)

  4. I was thinking of you last night! We had the high school open house for the boys (10th and 11th grade) - and as you say there is no air conditioning. The way these work for us is we follow each kids' schedule and see each class in 10 minute blocks.

    I followed my younger son's classes, which had me on the top floor for the first couple. The AP history teacher said she'd left the windows open hoping for cooling, but same in that morning to 81 in the classroom. It was toasty! French class down the hall was worse - she mentioned it had gotten to 91F but had 'cooled off' to 87 by the time we were there!

    Remind me again ... how is it we call education a priority when we pay our teachers poorly and stick them in buildings with no climate control?

  5. Did you ever watch Cheerleader Nation? It was on Lifetime a couple years ago and they sometimes do marathons of it. If felt pretty real and the team was super talented. It was amazing to see how much work and dedication went into a national championship.

  6. I think someone told Miley Cyrus'finace she's not good enough for him now... :)

    x Natalie