Monday, September 9, 2013

Meeting Baby Ophelia & Another Heartbreak Courtesy of The Bills

This was a weekend of extreme highs & lows... I was exhausted by the time I went to bed last night. Purely & utterly exhausted. But in a good way. Like the kind of exhausted you are after a week at Disney World. You've had a blast, but it took a toll on you...


My ring came back in! While on vacation, I noticed that one of the prongs on my diamon was broken off. Since my mom has actually lost a diamond this way, I took it off immediately & then took it into the jeweler to have it fixed. That was two weeks ago & it finally came in on Friday. That meant that Ella & I got to go to our favorite mall to pick it up!

A mall trip was exactly what I needed after a long, hectic, stressful first week of school. I tried on some clothes at the Gap & scored a few deals. I got these pants & this top - both for close to 50% off.


I woke up at the crack of dawn on Saturday thanks to Ella. By 6 a.m. she had decided to go back to sleep though & I was wide awake. Thankfully Eric took charge & I was able to take advantage of the crisp morning air to get a run in. I did just over 4 miles, then came home & did Blogilates. (It always takes me about 48 hours to get sore, and I am feeling it in a major way this morning.)

Once I was finished working out, we started preparations for our trip to my in-laws house. (Let me tell you, Eric & I are master packers at this point in our lives.) Eric's step-brother has just moved back from Portland, OR with his brand new baby girl, Ophelia. She was born on my birthday & I could not have been more excited to meet her! Ella loved her too, even though she'd give me the stink eye every time I held her.

with my first baby niece!

We're all just so happy to have them home with us. This weekend was the first time that all of Eric's brothers & sisters had been together in 2 years. The last time was Christmas of 2011 when we announced that Ella was on the way. So much has changed it since then it is unbelievable...

Ella hugging Ophelia... too cute for words!

Here's where the heartbreak & lows come into play. The Buffalo Bills. They really know how to build a person up, just to let them down. I was fully prepared to lose in a blowout to the Patriots. I did not expect the game to be close. To see them do so much better than anticipated & then lose by a point in the last minute was heartbreaking...

Ella loves the Bills too!

That was bad enough, but the Bills also screwed over my fantasy football team. How? Oh, by actually playing against the Patriots defense that was supposed to crush them & get me a ton of points. Ugh... I ended up losing by 8 points. I was in the lead all the way up to halftime of the night game, and then it all fell apart. Not what I wanted to wake up to this morning.

I started out with a huge lead going into Sunday courtesy of Peyton... sorry I blew it!

I do have some positive news about Sunday though, I had my best run in months! It was a perfect 65 degrees outside. I went completely alone & crushed 3.3 miles. I ran negative splits & kept my pace below 9:45 the entire run. It was awesome. Runs like that are why I run. I felt so invigorated when I got home. Perfect way to end a weekend.

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  1. Love the name Ophelia and she's just too darn cute especially in the pic with Ella hugging. Love.

    Bummer about the Bills... My Gators lost too and they were supposed to win. Lame. Hopefully your week gets better!

  2. My fantasy football team is going to lose this weekend, too. I have one more player playing tonight, but so does the other team and I'm sure I'm going to lose.

    Great run, I wish I ran at that pace. It's still 90*+ here so I've been avoiding it. Maybe once it cools down I'll start working on my pace.

    Happy you had a great weekend [minus the Bills].

  3. Funny - a co-worker of mine was born & raised in Buffalo, so he is a Bills fan. But he has Brady in his Fantasy team so he was torn.

    Personally the close game did me no favors on the Fantasy team, but I am happy my Pats won :)

  4. I wish I did fantasy this year, my hubby didn't inform me until the draft was already scheduled. I think he did it on purpose!

  5. I love Ella's game day outfit! I was soooo sure the Bills were going to win! I really wanted Marrone to get his first win too. But on the upside, they did so well against the PATRIOTS! I think that is definitely saying something about them this season.