Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Identity Crisis

The weather in Upstate NY is suffering from a serious identity crisis. Is it still summer? Is it fall yet? I'm all for variety, but it's really been complicating my outfit planning these past few weeks. Here are a few of my fave outfits since I've been back to work... 

Weather: Rainy & 60 
Wore For: Casual Friday at school, followed by a trip to the mall with Ella (hence the pics in the Gap dressing room...) 
Who I'm Wearing: shirt - J.Crew // booties - American Eagle // skinnies - Old Navy 
Weather: Drizzly with temps ranging from 50 to 75
Wore For: A Saturday Family Party 
Who I'm Wearing: sweater - Ann Taylor Loft // shirt - Gap // skinnies - J.Crew 

Weather: Sunny & 80
Wore For: A day at school 
Who I'm Wearing: pants - Gap // tank - Forever 21 // sandals - AE

Weather: Overcast & 55 
Wore For: Casual Friday & Dinner with Eric 
Who I'm Wearing: boyfriend jeans - Ann Taylor Loft // sandals - AE // belt - Gap // tee - Target // scarf - boutique

Weather: It's supposed to be sunny & 75
Wore For: Today at school 
Who I'm Wearing: shorts - Gap // sandals - Target // tank - Gap // cardigan - J.Crew // bag - Phillip Lim for Target

And in honor of the fact that it's supposed to be sunny & 75 today... 

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  1. It has been nuts! No wonder everyone is getting sick! This weekend on Saturday it was low 50s and cloudy so I dressed cool for my long (17.5) run and was fine ... Sunday started at 45 so I dressed the same ... but I ran just over 13 and it had hit 70 and sunny before I was done!

    It has been mid-30s here the last couple of days, 70s by afternoon ... ugh!

  2. I love your gap printed pants! They look awesome on you!

  3. I love those black & white pants. So, so fun!!!

    I'm in upstate NY too and it's kinds of crazy. Summer one day and fall the next. You just never know.


  4. Our weather in Toronto is crazy too. It's supposed to be about 30 degrees (Celsius!) tomorrow but was 12 yesterday. What the heck?

    I love your black and white pants!

  5. Omg I love the gap pants! All the outfits are cute and suitable to the weather's bipolar behaviour :)

    x Natalie