Friday, September 6, 2013

Hurts So Good...

I woke up feeling like I'd been hit by a semi this morning. Normally, I hate that feeling. It usually means that I have the flu. This morning, I embraced it though. I'm not sick. I kicked my own ass last night.

I know I've been talking about Blogilates a lot this week, but it is doing wonders for me, so I'm going to keep talking about it. Last night I did a combined 40 minutes of videos, which consisted of cardio with stength training. I have never worked my abs so hard in my entire life. The funny thing about it is that I could've quit when it hurt. I wasn't in a boot camp class surrounded by others. I could've laid down & paused the video. I didn't. I pushed through it.

This got me thinking... what is it about now that has me pushing when I've stopped short so many times before. I think the answer might be tied to Mama's post from yesterday. I've finally accepted what the next step in my fitness journey is.... I need to clean up my eating & start strength training.

My fitness journey has not been a short one. It started in January of 2006 & continues on every. damn. day. I started accepting that I was overweight & gaining steadily in college. I commited to losing the weight with Weight Watchers & walking three miles four times a week. That helped me drop 40 pounds and I maintained my weight for 6 years. Then I got knocked up.

After pregnancy, I accepted that I needed to step up my game to lose the baby weight. Walking wasn't going to cut it anymore, so I started running. I ran my first 5K. Then I ran my first half-marathon. That was a journey in itself, something I am immensely proud of. I had tried running countless times before, but I'd never fully accepted the challenge. Once I did, I saw results.

Now, I'm accepting the next step in my fitness journey. I'm already on my way. I figure if I can keep up with it for another week or two, it will become routine. Notice that I didn't say that it'd get easier, because if it gets easy then I'm not pushing myself....

Enough with my serious introspection, let's #backthatazzup with a jam that I have been rocking all week long... welcome back Lady Gaga. You've been missed.
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  1. Motivation to workout is always hard, especially to keep at is mine. I have been making nutriblasts and I feel healthier everyday. My husband loves his green juice I've gotten my family hooked too :) I think if you workout even for 10 min a day it helps for sure !



  2. Motivation and getting into a routine is the hardest part and what I SERIOUSLY struggle with. I can barely bring myself to walk to/from work each day this week (a random goal I set for myself) but once I got going it was always fine.

    I hope you are able to relax this weekend!

  3. trying to find time to exercise while being a mom/full time worker/being with family/friends etc is tough! but you're 100% right -- when you make the time and consistently do it, it'll become routine :) it takes humans on average 4 weeks of consistent activity for something to become a habit.

    when i first started on my journey, i worked out and ate at the same times every day because i knew that if i did this for 4wks straight, it would become a habit and it did (this is also biological -- our circadian rhythms (aka biological clocks) are being 'reset' to these times) so not only am i telling you this, but so is science! :D

    keep it up; just stay active, keep doing it and you'll be ahead of the game in no time!

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