Monday, September 23, 2013

Football, Rainy Day Shopping, & Wedding Planning


Friday was our first football game of the season! I was nervous because my girls are still pretty young & many of them have never cheered a game before. I was afraid it'd be a chatterfest on the sidelines & that pyramids would come crashing down... seriously, I had a bellyache all day long. They did great though! They we're loud & proud and all of our stunts hit! Woot! Not too shabby for our first time out! 

with my little Jillie at our first game - this is my 3rd year with her :) 

By the time we were back from the game, I was starving! So, I decided to drive-thru Wendy's & try the grilled chicken flatbread that everyone has been talking about...

Seriously, it was delish. Go try one & make your own video for the #6secondsflat contest. Your video could win you $6,000

As if my sandwich wasn't the perfect way to end my evening, my parents pulled into our driveway at the same time I did, and stayed with us for the weekend! It's the first time they've spent the night at our new place & Ella absolutely loved it. OK - I loved it too. I really wish they lived closer to us... 


I had to have practice on Saturday morning because we're getting dangerously close to competition & still have a ton left to do. I'm a serious stress case over it & was hoping that an extra two hours on Saturday morning would help. It didn't. It was pouring rain, girls were late, they were unfocused. GRRR!!! We'll leave it at that & say that I was really glad to head out shopping with my family after practice...

We went to my mom's favorite sub shop for lunch & then went to our happy place - Eastview Mall. My cousin's baby shower is next weekend, so we got to do a bunch of baby shopping! We got stuff from Gymboree, Pottery Barn Kids, and of course - Baby Gap. This is one of the items that I bought for Baby Ethan :) 

find it here & use the code THANKYOU for  30% off

We also got some new stuff for Ella, but I'm not sharing it yet because she is having a photo shoot next weekend & I don't want to ruin the surprise! Hint - it's fall themed! Hint hint - it may involve her frolicking in her Halloween costume!! 

Our last stop of the day was dinner. My mom wanted to try brick oven pizza since I'm always raving about it, so we hit up Brick for dinner. I've said it before & I'll keep saying it - I love Brick! Big family salad, wood fired wings, bread sticks with the most delicious marinara ever - oh and pizza!!! If you're in Rochester, please do yourself a favor & try it. 


We woke up Sunday morning & headed out to look at a possible location for my sister's wedding! The venue is about 2 1/2 hours from our house, so we left early & had breakfast along the way. Ella went back to sleep on the ride, which meant she was wide awake during the tour! We haven't made a final decision on the venue, but I will say that it is a strong contender. Here's a small sneak peak :) 

After the tour & lunch at the hotel's restaurant, we parted ways with my parents & headed back to Rochester. Since that meant driving right past the outlet mall, we just had to stop! I mean... J.Crew was having 40% off everything! Who can pass that up? I bought a sweater & headband for less than $40. I'm wearing the sweater today & just love it! I wish I'd bought it in another color & may be getting online to find it! 

We made it home around 5, just in time for the Bills game & dinner! I had already decided that I wanted to make this recipe & had Eric prep the ingredients. It was so easy to throw together and OMG it was de.lish.ious. I have leftovers packed for lunch & have been thinking about them since 8:30! 

So yeah... I did a lot of shopping & eating with my family this weekend. Which in my book is perfection :) 

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