Friday, September 20, 2013

Every Mile a Memory

My car currently has 125,000 miles on it. But, it's still running & it's paid off. So, I'm keeping it around. 

I think about buying  a new car every day. I talk about it & have even looked into a few things. Money is definitely an issue, but it really boils down to the amount of nostalgia attached to my car... In the 6 years that I've owned my car, my life has changed drastically. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? 


  • Buy my new car in February & pass on my beloved Dodge Neon to Eric :) 
  • On the same day that I buy my car, my parents announce that they're moving to Albany so my mom can take a promotion. Sobbing. Lots & lots of sobbing. 
  • Graduate from college in May 

  • Hired for first teaching job in June 
  • Take car on road trip to Myrtle Beach... first time driving there without my parents! 
  • Start new job in September. 45 minute commute each way = lots of time in the car. 
  • My parents actually move, leaving me to live alone in our very big house in the middle of nowhere
  • Live with Eric for the summer at 69 State :) 
  • Another road trip to MB 
  • Go back for year #2 - aka the most stressful teaching year of my life
  • Eric & I "take a break" because the long distance is taking its toll 
  • Eric & I get back together on New Year's Day :)
  • Lost a dear friend to the war in Iraq... 
  • Got engaged!

  • Had a furbaby named Charlie!  
  • Moved back to Rochester & took on an even longer commute
  • Hired for new job in Rochester :)
  • Last summer working at day camp 
  • Start coaching & my new job 
hosting my first 512 Feast! 

  • Wedding planning! 
  • Continued to plan wedding... 
  • Move into the rental house... with my little sister. 
  • Got married! 

  • Taught summer school 
  • Got pregnant! 
  • Took our honeymoon/babymoon to Vegas! 

  • My sister moved out
  • More teaching, more coaching, more summer school 
  • Welcomed Ella into our lives :) 

  • Many, many firsts with Miss Ella 
  • Started this blog! 
  • Took a reunion trip to Lake Placid :) 

  • Ran my first half-marathon
  • Ella started crawling
  • Bought a house & moved in
  • Ella started walking...

I had no idea when I put those keys into the ignition for the first time how much my life would change over the lifespan of that car. 125,000 miles... 125,000 memories... and many more to come. 


  1. It's funny how things like cars hold so many memories. I cried like a baby when I said goodbye to my first car.

  2. I just realized after following you for a while that you are from the same area that I am! I grew up in Webster!! Such a crazy small world :)