Monday, September 30, 2013

Ella's Fall Photoshoot

My aunt came over yesterday morning to do Ella's "one year" photo shoot. (Clearly, we're two months late on that, but no big deal...) I absolutely love fall photoshoots. (Evidenced by my own engagement session which is still plastered all over my house...) Who can resist all of the reds & oranges? The biggest perk of having a professional photographer as an aunt is that she comes right to my parent's house. So, these photos are done right in the backyard. Second perk - she was so excited she started editing right away & I had all of these images less than 4 hours later! There are more to come, but I just couldn't wait to share because I am so in love with them! 

All images by Tonia Prutsman. Contact me for information if you are in the Western New York area.