Monday, August 12, 2013

Vacation Mode Detox

I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday & it's crunch time people! I don't really need to lose weight per say, however I want to ditch the bloat and reduce the jiggle as much as possible. It's human nature, everybody wants to look their best at the beach! I am not ready to do a full on cleanse, I'm not that disciplined. But I am ready to scale back and make some sacrifices to feel my best in my swim suit. I'm calling this week my "Vacation Mode Detox" & here's my plan...

Honestly, I think a lot of this is common sense if you're trying to lose weight. However, it never hurts to have a little reminder! This can be tailored to your own needs, but as far as exercise goes, I plan to increase my plank times and get in a minimum of 4 miles a day. I'm also going to drink at least a gallon of water and a lot more vegetables - which I've been slacking on. Finally, I'm a carb-aholic, so I'm planning to cut way back on those as well. I'll be updating throughout the week on Instagram & Twitter to let you know how it's going! 

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  1. I saw detox and prepared to rant if it was one of those trendy but medically useless and unnecessary cleanses ... but like you said, most of this stuff is common sense. I mean -

    You eat better and you feel better!

    In our family we call it the 'junk food hangover' - every now and then we'll take a night and make nachos, pot stickers, and buffalo wings and onion rings ... and will feel like garbage in the morning (even without alcohol)!

    But you are right that it feels good to feel your best heading out on vacation - makes you more confident and energetic. Enjoy your last hurrah before back-to-school!