Thursday, August 1, 2013

True Life: I Lived in a Frat House

A side comment in Tuesday's post prompted a few e-mails speculating on this very topic - to answer the question - yes, I lived in a frat house.... 

The summer of 2009 was a wild summer for me. I had just finished my first summer of teaching. I was working at a day camp to make some extra money. Oh, and I lived with these kids... 

FYI - this is not from Halloween. It is from the lesser celebrated, Halfway to Halloween. 

Eric & I had been together for 5 years at this point. We had always spent summers together, but we had given up our joint apartment when I moved home to take my first teaching job. When we gave up our place, Eric moved in with his best friends, into a place that is near & dear to both of our hearts... 69 State St. (This is legit the address of their house, I could not make this shit up.) Eric was taking classes over the summer, and had already paid his rent for the year, so I decided to go and live with him. At this point, I had spent many a weekend in the house & thought I knew what to expect. Also, half of the boys were home for the summer, so I figured it would be a little calmer than normal... not a chance.

Our Pilgrims & Indians Party - for which I made us all hats & cooked a real turkey. 
Eric's house was divided into multiple apartments, so technically Eric & I had his apartment to ourselves since his roommate was gone for the summer. However, our apartment also had a huge sectional sofa, Netflix, a PS3, & a 52" flat screen - we were never alone. As the only female resident, with the lowest tolerance for filth, I became the queen of dishes & also made group dinners a few nights a week. I didn't have to do these things, but I did so that a) we didn't get ants & b) we didn't gain a gazillion pounds from eating take out every night of the week. 

a random Tuesday night from that summer - learning how to properly put Eric in the
Walls of Jerico & saying bye to Megs before she left for Vietnam 

The worst part of the move is that I was allowed one suitcase of belongings. I had to keep all of my stuff in the shoebox of a spare room, in said suitcase, so "it could be moved when we had parties." However, no one ever remembered to move my suitcase, so I'd always find the most interesting stuff in it after parties. Panties, bras, costume pieces, shoes.... it became a game to see what would turn up in my suitcase the day after. (FYI - the suitcase has since been burned because I'm quite positive people got down on it. Ewww....) 

a typical morning after at the house... including a very young looking Eric in my Uggs
I learned a lot while living with the boys & most of it can't be published here. But honestly, it was a lot of fun. As in, probably the most fun I've ever had in my life. These boys are like family to us. We keep in touch with all of them & whenever we all get together, it's just as crazy as ever. (See Lake Placid Trip.) 

the boys at our wedding... where they gifted my husband a kegerator... which resides in my dining room

I wouldn't change that summer for anything. Did I gain a few pounds? Most definitely. Was it worth it? Most definitely. It is the most wild & carefree I've been in my entire life and I savored every moment of it... I may even rent a room for next summer. 
And to wrap this post up, I leave you with this... 

Smirnoff Grape for the Win! 


  1. I love this - we have gone back to my fraternity house several times through the years (remembering I was an undergrad in the mid-80s) ... and I can't even imagine living there now, let alone my wife!

    But I applaud you for holding on to the experience and, more than that, OWNING the memories. Because in the grand scheme of things we know a few pounds here or there will come and go no matter what, but the memories, experiences, and friendships are what shape our lives.

  2. That sounds like it was a blast!

  3. Love it! I wish I could say I lived in a frat house one summer. Sounds like a blast!