Friday, August 2, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To Link Up

I am a major Pinterest addict, and use it all of the time to gather inspiration for my outfits. Sometimes I do it on purpose. Other times I'll be browsing through my style board & realize I'd copied something without even realizing it! Here are a few looks that have been Pinspired lately... 

Purple On Purple...


This first outfit was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, J's Everyday Fashion. She actually drew her own inspiration from the CrewCuts catalog (aka - J.Crew Kids) and I loved how she paired two hues of purple together. It was far too hot for a trench when I wore this outfit, but here's how I pulled it together. 

pants - Gap // belt - J.Crew // tank - Target // necklace - Lia Sophia

Stripes, Jean Jacket, Large Tote...

This is an outfit that I came across the other day & realized I had everything I needed to recreate! I love it when that happens! So, I threw it together & wore it for an afternoon of errands with Ella. It was a cooler, drizzly afternoon which was perfect for wearing a jean jacket. Here's how it turned out... 

maxi - Forever 21 // jean jacket - J.Crew
watch - Coach // bag - Gap 

Have you been Pinspired lately?

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