Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I came across this pin yesterday afternoon while browsing Pinterest by the pool. It resonated with me, as I'd spent the morning at the beach.... which basically means that I spent the morning comparing myself to others.

Thoughts like....
"She is so thin." 
"Oh wow, I wish my ass looked like that." 
"We'll, at least I've got her beat..." 

But in reality, does judging myself against other people do anything to actually make better? No. I shouldn't be scoping out other women & judging their bodies, their husbands/boyfriends, or their parenting. I'm not even close to perfect. I could spend that time running, playing with Ella, reading a book - all things that would make ME better. 

As I move into a new season, I'm going to try to save judgement. Everyone is dealing with their own shit... 

Unless you're on reality TV because then it's my God given right to judge you...


  1. I know my wife worries a lot about her appearance, which caused her grief as she wasn't happy with the fit of some things she wanted at the Ann Taylor Loft last weekend ... but she did fall back into the 'if SHE can wear THAT ... then why was I worried at the Loft?!?'

    It is an easy habit to fall into, but it is always worth remembering that 'you cannot build yourself up by breaking someone else down.'

  2. I'm with you. I'm actually going to a baby shower this weekend that will be a challenge in this department. There are lots of reasons for it.

    One thing I find helpful when I feel like I'm falling down that rabbit hole is to make myself say or write down something awesome that I do. Generally it's enough to shut Connie Comparison right up.

    I'm with you on the reality show people.