Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Buzz

Throughout the month of August, I'll be highlighting my favorite pins for back to school. Whether you're a teacher, or a parent, you're sure to find something awesome! 


I have been into school every day this week, and I just can't help myself, I'm heading back in today. There is a buzz in the air. Which is refreshing, because at the end of last year, we were a pretty ragged group. The people who are working at school right now are a lot like me. We're positive. We know that we can make a difference. We've spent the summer thinking about ways to be better. We're good teachers. 

One secret of amazing teachers is that we steal a lot of shit from Pinterest. I seriously don't know how I taught without it. Oh wait, it involved a lot of extra work on my part. I still create a ton of my own stuff, but sometimes the perfect item is already in existence. Why recreate the wheel? Here are my favorite stolen pins! 

1. The M&M Game 

This is a fun & tasty way to get to know your students! M&M's are my favorite candy, and I've yet to find a kid who is allergic to them. Here's how it works - you pass out a handful of M&M's & display the key above on the SmartBoard. If I have 4 red candies, then I tell you 4 things that I like to do in my free time. Get it? I'm sure my middle schoolers will love it! Find it here.

2. Binder Cover Templates

I like my binders to look pretty & I have about 30 of them that are lined up and toted to various meetings. This website has templates for pretty binder covers, so I don't have to depend of my prehistoric clipart skills! Definitely not just for teachers, and you can find it here

3. Perky Labels

I am not an elementary teacher, but I'm envious of how awesome their rooms are. I do my best, but I just don't have think I could get away with having a reading rug at the 7th grade level. Nonetheless, I still love to label my classroom & these labels are awesome. You can find them here

4. Snack Ideas

I loved this chart for smart snacking ideas. I see so many kids show up with absolute crap in their lunch pails. I'm talking Monsters, huge bags of cheetos, and no fruit or veggies. Or better yet, they go in & buy a Nestle Chipwhich from our ice cream line and eat that instead of lunch! Do us all a favor & print this list! I know I'm going to use it to help me keep healthier snacks in the classroom so I don't wind up buying PopTarts from the vending machine! Find it here

5. Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

I cannot eat a sandwich every day of the week! I don't know many adults who do. So why do we pack one for kids every day? Because it's easy? I don't know... But here are some awesome alternatives to packing sandwiches for your kids! Again, do us a favor & keep it nutritious. Find them here


  1. Amazing how fast the summer has gone! Seems like school just ended and now my boys (both in high school) are working on their AP summer work and getting ready for marching band camp!

    OK, a couple of random school-related (ish) questions, probably from listening to too much NPR while away on business this week:

    - New York just released the scores for the 'Common Core State Standards'. I know Rochester did notably poorly (~5% passing rate compared to ~25% statewide) ... how does this impact you?

    - On NPR they were talking about a trend in teachers 'trying for summer babies', with most looking for April - June arrivals. The thought was to maximize the together time and minimize unpaid leave. Also, the focus on standardized tests means not wanting to be out on leave ~February or so. Do you see this with your friends ... and isn't Ella a summer baby! :)

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