Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday - Travel Edition

I'm just going to put it out there... I hate it when people travel in sweatpants and/or gym clothes. Don't take it personal, I used to do it too. But now I know better... there's no need to dress like a slob kabob while traveling! 

This is what I'm talking about....

B. Spears is the Queen of traveling like a slob kabob

I may shun sweats and gym wear, but I still like to be comfy while I travel though, so I target target pieces in my wardrobe that are deceptively comfy & use accessories to dress up the look. 

tee - Disney World // boyfriend jeans - LOFT // belt - J.Crew
watch - Coach // bangle - Gap // flipflops - Old Navy

I wore the outfit above to road trip to my parents' house last weekend. My boyfriend jeans & vintage tee are amazingly comfortable, as are my cheap flip-flops. Worn on their own it's borderline slob kabob status. But, when I throw on my neon belt, gold watch, and a bangle it dresses things up & makes it look pulled together. 

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  1. That does look comfy, and good tips to dress it up! Definitely checking out your pinterest board!

  2. Your boyfriend jeans are GREAT! So pretty, lady!!! :)

  3. I usually do yoga pants/capris or jeans and a tee, gotta keep it comfy!

  4. Two thoughts:
    - You demonstrated perfectly how just about anything can be made 'seen in public' ready - I'd say the same can be said for most clothes, even sweats (well, some). A little effort goes a long way as you showed!
    - After 12 hours of travel or getting bounced between terminals or having long layovers ... EVERYONE looks pretty much like Britney in that first pic, no matter what you're wearing :D