Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Best of Stripes

Hello, my name is Bri Bliss & I am a stripes addict. I love them. Every season. On top. On bottom. All over. Stripes = love. So when Laura announced the theme for this week's Trend Spin Link Up, I was sold. Instead of creating a new look to share with you, I thought we'd take a walk down memory lane. I present you with "The Best of Stripes." 

The Striped Maxi

I love wearing maxi dresses just as much as I love wearing stripes. They're so effortlessly chic. This was for a spring day, which is why I have a cardi layered over top of it. But, I love wearing this strapless maxi! The thin white stripes & elastic waist give the dress structure, keeping me from looking like a zebra. It's a totally easy outfit to throw on & run out the door in when you get a last minute invite in the summertime. 

maxi - Forever 21 // cardigan - J.Crew // watch - Forever 21

The Striped Tank

I bought this tank top from the Gap during a shopping trip with my mom in April. Actually, my mom bought it for me as a present. She loves me like that. It's from the Gap Body section & is so soft. The colors in it are very on trend & I love pairing it with my lilac shorts. It's an easy summer outfit that I throw together to run errands on a regular basis. 
shorts - J.Crew // tank - Gap 
 The Striped Tee

This tee is also from the Gap & was ridiculously cheap. I love throwing it on with either worn in denim shorts or white shorts. It looks great with either option. This is a total zoo/playground outfit. It's simple. It can be thrown on in a matter of minutes. It's realistic when you're crawling through tunnels & sliding down slides. There's something to be said for practicality! 
t-shirt - Gap // shorts - AE // shades - Coach

What's your favorite way to wear stripes?
If I had to pick just one... I'd pick the tank top. I have a hundred variations on it & never get sick of it! If Ella had a vote, she'd choose dresses.... 


  1. Oh my gosh I was about to choose the maxi but then saw Ella. That is a tough choice! She is so so precious!! Thanks for linking up again Bri!

  2. LOVE the maxi dress Bri! Ella is TOO cute! xo

  3. I'm a new follower, and I have to admit... I'm a little obsessed with stripes too! Ella is adorable by the way :)