Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunshine & Sleepovers

This weekend was the best weekend I've had in awhile. It's not that the past few weekends haven't been great, it's just that this weekend was amazing! 

We started things off in a low key fashion on Friday. We weren't packing & rushing off... we stayed at home! My sister came over & we walked the dogs, then Eric came home and we were able to spend time in our backyard. Charlie was in heaven. We threw his tennis balls & chased him around while Ella played in the grass. During all this activity, Eric & I made plans for landscaping projects to come. 

I woke up Saturday morning & got out to run with the sun. I took Charlie with me & we fit in 3 fast miles. It felt awesome to be out of breath & sweaty! When I arrived home, I found that Ella was practicing acrobatics in her playroom.... 

Her antics quickly came to an end, because Ella & I had to get ready for my cousin's bridal shower! After a whirlwind of showers, baths, tantrums, gift wrapping, and car seat wrangling - we made it to my sister's house. We rode home in her cushy SUV & we stopped at Starbucks - both of these facts made the 1 1/2 hour drive there tolerable. Ella was a doll & slept the whole way too, which made it borderline relaxing. 

My mom & dad were taking Ella for a sleepover on Saturday night, so after the shower we transferred all of Ella's stuff over & headed back to the city. About 20 minutes into the ride I got this text... 

Seriously Ella? You go for a sleepover & poop on the floor? And what was my mom thinking? She got what she deserved on that one...

Moving on... Eric & I had date night on Saturday night! We decided to go to Schooner's Riverside & eat outside on the water. It was a gorgeous night & they had a band playing. We were enjoying ourselves & ended up staying for 3 hours, just chatting & listening to the music. Such a lovely night... 
my view at dinner

my handsome date
Other than the incident mentioned above, Ella was a champ for her sleepover. Which is good, because I spent part of my Sunday morning packing her up for another sleepover with Eric's dad & step-mom. As you can see, Ella has a very busy social calendar. 

at the Corn Hill Arts Festival
My family arrived at our house at 9:30 & I was greeted by "mamamama" as the van door opened. It melted my heart :) The boys loaded up the clubs to go golfing & us girls loaded up the stroller to go shopping! We spent our day at the Corn Hill Arts Festival, which is our favorite festival of the year! There are hundreds of food, craft, and other vendors. It was a hot day, but we found some awesome stuff! 

We ate lunch at the Macarollin' Truck! So delicious & huge portions... we shared one between the 3 of us.

My new necklace from Tulipwood Lane

It was getting hot, so we headed back to our house to meet my in-laws & our golfers. After loading Ella into my in-laws car & giving them way too many instructions, the rest of us headed to dinner. We ate on the water again, this time at The Pelican's Nest. The sun was on the deck & luckily we snagged an umbrella! The margaritas started flowing & we started planning out details for our upcoming trip to the beach! 

at dinner with my dad
Such a fabulous, sunny weekend! Ella won't be home until this evening, so I'm off to enjoy a solo trip to the pool & a workout at the gym! Happy Monday! 

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  1. Enjoy your free time this morning!

  2. We went on Saturday and got food at the Macrollin' truck too! We still had left overs between Dean and I. It was soo good!!

  3. What a great weekend. So how did you do with Ella being away overnight- have you done that before? Micah and I haven't left Aubrey yet and she's 2.5- ha! We need to get on that!

  4. That does sound like a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your downtime before your gorgeous little girl comes home!