Friday, July 12, 2013

Stay at Home Mom Wishlist

My life has been drastically different this week. My outfits look more like this... 

jean shorts - AE // tank - JCrew // shades - Coach // watch - Coach
Ella's whole outfit - Baby Gap 

I've spent more time in my swimsuit than I thought was possible outside of a beach vacation...

I'm spending more time on the floor than at my desk. I'm making meals at home & packing lunches for our pool dates. I never leave home without puffs. This is my life for the next 8 weeks. I'm totally loving it! Is it challenging? Definitely, but I'm really enjoying this time off with Miss Ella more that I could have ever anticipated. I've found that I need a few new supplies for the job though. This is my Stay at Home Mom Wishlist...

1. Jean Shorts

I'm in love with this pair of bejeweled AE shorts - 40% off right now!

I am living in jean shorts & since I only own two pairs right now, I need more! They're perfect for throwing on with just about anything & they're resilient enough to withstand Ella's antics! 

2. Big Bag

Love the sequins on this bag from Gap

Every mom needs a BIG bag. Like I said, I never leave home without puffs, sunscreen, a sunhat, a bottle, at least 1 diaper, wipes... the list goes on. Yes, I could carry my purse & Ella's diaper bag - but that's a lot of bulk. I prefer to carry one big, stylish bag. 

3. Cheap Sunglasses 

I am in love with my Coach Aviators & Ray Bans, but Ella has the fastest hands you've ever seen. If it's in her reach, she'll have a hold of it. Thus, expensive shades are at risk. My mom surprised me with this pair from Loft & I also really love this pair that she got my sister. Best part - they were $12.50 so if they fall victim to Miss Ella, it'll be ok. 

4. A Resilient Phone Case


Again, Ella's hands get everything! It became obvious that my Kate Spade case was not going to hold up to her daily antics. Thus, I ordered this monogram Otter Box from Personalized from Me to You. Too cute! 

5. Sunscreen 

buy it at

I have already gone through a TON of this! I prefer the spray on, but Miss Ella's doctor told me that she has to have cream based sunscreen for at least another year because the alcohol in the spray cans will irritate her skin. Thought I'd share that tidbit, because I never would've thought of that & they sell baby spray sunscreen, so I probably would've bought it! 


  1. I love the cute bag! My son has destroyed my phone case, so I am in the market for a new one. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  2. Ugh. Can we go shopping together sometime ;) Love everything.

    I have an Otterbox cover for my iPhone, not nearly as cute (all black) but it's awesome. Aubrey has dropped my phone several times and it's SO protected. You'll love it now that Ella is getting her hands on it a lot more!

  3. I love the bag. I also need to get a new phone case, but I have some time before the LO arrives to get one.