Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Crazy Aunt Babs

It's about time that I introduced you to someone extremely important in my life - my crazy Aunt Babs... 

She hasn't always been Babs, growing up she was just plain old Aunt Barb. But as I got older, she became my best friend, and after a drunken night she became Babs. I don't think she expected the whole family to start calling her that, but it has stuck & I'm sure that Ella will grow up to know her as Aunt Babs. 

Like I said, Babs is my best friend. If I'm looking for an adventure, I call Babs. If I've had a rotten day, I text Babs. If I need someone to bury the body, I knock on Babs' door (you don't want an electronic record of that sort of thing.) We've done everything together; from traveling to coaching and shopping to party planning, we always have a good time. 

When I graduated college & got my first job, my parents decided to move five hours away. That left me living alone in our childhood home in the middle of the boondocks. Thank God for Babs! She would have me over for dinner & was always willing to send my cousins over to kill things. We basically spent those two years joint at the hip because we were coaching cheerleading together - a sport that we both take extremely seriously.

at my Bachelorette party

Two summers ago, I got married & then celebrated by spending eight weeks teaching summer school. At the end of it all, I just wanted to get away, but Eric had just started a new job & he couldn't get time off for a honeymoon. So, I went on a honeymoon with Babs instead. Where did two grown adult women go for a good time? Disney, duh! 

Last year, I convinced my mom & dad that I needed a "nanny" for our beach vacation, so we brought along Babs... not the best nanny since she got hammered at Margaritaville (see first picture), but we had a great time! 

Today we're headed off to my parents' house in Saratoga Springs for a weekend adventure. I know my mom got a little nervous when I told her I was bringing Babs with us, you just never know what the two of us might decide to do. It should be a low key weekend of shopping & playing with Ella, but who knows...