Monday, July 1, 2013

Mall Trip, Fireworks, & Brunch

We had a very busy weekend! It all started Friday morning when our shower started leaking onto the kitchen ceiling. CRISIS. Eric ended up calling into work, anticipating that we'd need to call a plumber. Fortunately, a quick phone tutorial from my father saved the day & we didn't have to shell out big bucks. 

Once the crisis was averted, I figured that Eric would go into work. Nope. He decided to spend the day with us and you know what he suggested... lets go to the mall! I almost passed out from shock. We got ready & headed out into the monsoon that engulfed our city on Friday. It ended up being a very successful shopping trip - huge sales at my favorite stores! They were so good that I even convinced Eric to buy a few things for himself & that never happens. 

Once we returned from the mall, we packed & got ready to spend the weekend at my in-laws. The drive down gave both Ella & I the chance for a solid nap and we were greeted by Chicken Parm upon arrival. Winning! 

Saturday morning we were up bright & early to attend a pancake breakfast benefitting my SIL's youth group at Applebee's. it seems like a random location, but it's a great fundraiser that over 75% profit. Ella loves pancakes and I love bacon, so we were in 7th heaven.  

waiting for our table at breakfast

We left breakfast & picked up some Dunkin' then headed back to the house while Eric headed to the golf course. Ella & I spent the day relaxing & playing. I went out for a long run while she napped, then it was time to get ready for Mass. 

playtime at Grandma's house

We attended Mass for the baptism of a Cade! He lives in Florida & we rarely get to see him and his amazing mom Megan. I was taking mental notes the whole time because Ella's baptism is less than a month away. Of course, I was paying more attention to what everyone was wearing. I have to find a white dress for the occasion now because I'm obsessed with the look that Eric's cousin achieved. More on that later this week... 

After the baptism we headed to a family party that featured fireworks! I was concerned about how Ella would react to them, but every time they flashed in the sky she did a little dance. I can't wait for her to watch them again on Thursday! 

family photo before brunch

Sunday morning we attended brunch to celebrate the graduation of two more of Eric's cousins. It was so good - nothing can beat the combination of bacon and breakfast pizza with salad and ziti. And to make it even better, Ella got to play with Cade one last time before he flies back to Florida! 

playing with Cade at brunch

It was a very busy weekend, which were following up with 3 days of relaxation because next weekend is going to be just as busy! 

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  1. She's SO cute! Oh and I love the family photo too!

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  3. That family picture is a good one! Can't wait to see this "white dress" look!!