Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Life Lately...

I realized yesterday that a lot has been happening lately that I've been sharing on Twitter but not on the blog. So lets catch up...

Ella is walking! 

Ella started really walking about two weeks ago :) She still prefers to crawl, I think because she's so much faster at it. If she's motivated enough though, she can walk. I see her getting more comfortable with it every day & I'm so glad that I get to be at home with her to experience it. #teacherperk

I'm back to coaching! 

Cheer camp is this week, which means I'm back to the chaos of coaching. I love coaching. I love my girls. I love winning. But... coaching with Ella is getting harder & harder. She isn't as familiar with my new team (her babysitters moved up to JV) and she wants to be with me every second. That just isn't possible - both for my sanity & for safety, so we have some brainstorming to do on how to keep her entertained during practices. 

Ella got sick (boo)!

Ugh, this was awful. Taking her to the doctor & having to sit in the sick waiting room sucked. She had to have blood drawn. They had to take a urine sample - which is a huge ordeal with a baby. We were there for two hours & found out she has an infection. She's almost finished with her antibiotics, but she's going to have follow up tests & scans. All a little too scary for my taste... 

I've been scoring deals left & right! 

this is just what I found yesterday on our spur of the moment mall trip... 

On a lighter note... I've been scoring deals like whoa lately! Yesterday I got two pairs of jeans & a peplum top for $57... at J.Crew! That's unheard of people! It was part of my summer plan to shop the sale racks often & it has been paying off big time! 

I've been losing weight & I have no clue how... 

So... I haven't stepped on the scale, but I can tell from my clothes that I've lost weight. For instance, I bought size 2 jeans at Loft & 27's at J.Crew. I'm normally a 4, so buying a size 2 is always fun. The 27's are my normal size, but they're looser than normal. I haven't been exercising as intensely as normal, so its puzzling to me. Granted, I spend my day chasing after Ella and carrying her around, but I don't know if that's enough for me to lose weight. Maybe it's because I'm eating more meals at home? Again, I don't know because some days I feel like I'm eating nonstop. I'll try to pay more attention over the next week or so & get to the bottom of this. 

What have you been up to lately? 


  1. hey I have the same shower curtain! LOL! Doing any type of structured activity is always hard with a mobile baby in tow. Good luck with the rest of cheer camp!

  2. Love the look on Ella's face! When our oldest was that age we had our CDs on a vertical turnstile, and he would giggle as he dumped them on the ground much like Ella seemed to rejoice in unrolling the TP! :D

    We are at the 'in-between' stage - don't want babies, but not ready for grandkids yet (our boys are going into sophomore and junior years). So ... one of the other editors at GearDiary and her spouse just had a baby and we all got together for a weekend recently so I got plenty of baby time!

    As for weight ... that can be bizarre - I am tapering now to run the PA Grand Canyon marathon on Sunday, and noticed that I could put a finger between pants and hip. Hmmm ... fewer miles, more food - and less weight? Who knows?!?