Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lake Livin'

Nothing epitomizes a summer weekend in Upstate NY like a day at the lake. We spent our Saturday at a friend's lake house and this is what I wore... 

Essentially, this whole outfit is from Gap. I love the graphic tank & my mom bought it too.  It's perfectly slouchy & easy to wear. (Pssstttt... it's on sale right now too!) I also brought along my new bag - featured here - and it was just the right size for my swim suit, sunscreen, shades, and wallet - with plenty of room to spare! The cut-offs are a lake essential. It's probably the one place I don't get self-conscious about them being too short for a mom! Overall, I loved everything about this outfit! 

Now about the hat... I don't normally do hats. This one isn't mine. I borrowed it from my mom's closet to test it out & I think I like it. What do you guys think? 

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  1. My kids would say the hat is 'totally chill' :)

    My older son brought back a beret from his Europe trip for my younger son, who bought himself a cool scarf on Canal St when we went to NYC for the day a few weeks ago. The combination is a look I'd never think of, but completely works for him. Again, totally chill!

    Spending the first 40+ years in Massachusetts as an 'ocean boy' I know I will never really 'get' lakes ... but with this gorgeous weather who can complain?!?

  2. Great hat! Fun look :)

    Thank you for choosing to link up with Style Sessions.

    Lauren xx