Monday, July 29, 2013

Ella is 1!

Today is going to be short & sweet because it is Miss Ella's birthday! I know it's all in my head, but I swear she just looks older today. We spent the entire weekend celebrating & today she is totally engrossed in playing with her new toys. We're headed out for a zoo date with her boyfriend this afternoon & are having a cookout in our backyard tonight.

Ella in her Cozy Coupe from her Aunt Brittany 

with my sister in our party outfits... 

Ella's delicious birthday cake! I ate one too many slices of it. (Yes, I said slices, plural.)  

The dessert table at Ella's party, including the banner that I made for her! 

chillin' with my Minnie Margarita! 

Ella's presents... 
family photo with her cake! 
my attempt to get Ella to take a picture with her cake... 

devouring her cupcake! 

It was a fantastic party & I'm so glad that I didn't go totally overboard with it. She really just wanted to play with the balloons & gift bags. It was more about family & friends than candy bags & presents. I hope that all of her future birthdays are that way... I'll be back tomorrow to talk about how I'm working off all of that cake! 

Happy Birthday Miss Ella! 


  1. Awe! Happy Birthday Ella! I love the Minnie Mouse theme!

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday to Ella! Love all the Minnie Mouse details!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ella! :) She is too cute and what an adorable cake.
    The Grass Skirt

  4. Happy belated birthday Ms Ella :)
    And that cake is adorable!!!
    x Natalie