Thursday, July 4, 2013

Eating Healthy on Holidays

Happy 4th of July! 

So you know how I posted about making a flag cookie cake yesterday? Well today I'm here to talk to you about eating healthy on holidays & at family gatherings. (Step 1: Only eat 1 piece of that cake & make it a small one.) This is something that I still struggle with, even over 5 years into my weight loss journey. I am largely successful in day to day life because I don't allow myself to be surrounded by junk. However, when I'm at a party, I don't really have a say. So, I've learned to cope & make the best of it. Here are my 5 best tips for eating healthy at parties

1. Bring the Fruit & Veggie Tray


Appetizers are killer. Cheese & crackers - ain't nothin' healthy 'bout that. Chicken wing dip with tortilla chips? Delicious, but it has just as many calories as a meal! Volunteer to bring a fruit and/or veggie tray. That way, you can eat appetizers with everyone else & not feel like a stuffed pig before dinner is even served. Plus, everyone always loves it. I've never taken an ounce of it home with me! Everyone benefits from this one :) 

2. Balance Your Plate

My family rocks & we always have a green salad. If yours doesn't, volunteer to bring that too. I make sure that green salad takes up half of my plate. That way, I'm filling up on more veggies & preventing myself from taking massive portions of pasta salad (or stuffing at Thanksgiving!). 

Also, if you have a full plate, nobody is going to call any attention to you. I used to get a lot of comments like, "Aren't you going to eat more than that?" or "You're already skinny enough, have some more potatoes."Since applying my salad rule, people have shut up. 

3. Avoid the Rolls

Let's be honest, you can have a roll any time you want one. Right? There is nothing special about a buttered roll, yet depending on the size, they can add up to a lot of calories! By skipping out on something that isn't all that special, you can have a slice of the dessert without feeling as guilty! I also apply this concept to any thing else that isn't all that special, which for me is cheese & crackers, chips, or dips. 

4. Drink in Moderation


There is no need to guzzle soda at events - that includes diet because we all know that shit is bad for you. Drink water & stay hydrated. It'll make you feel full & you want to continually graze. I personally drink unsweetened iced tea - zero calories & a lot more taste. Want a glass of wine? That's fine, just not 5. Want a beer? That's fine, just not 5. Want a margarita? Me too, make it a Skinny Margarita! You can find recipes on my Pinterest page! 

5. Station Yourself Away from the Kitchen

For me, this means that I will be heading out to the deck. At Christmas, I sit on the far side of the living room. I stay out of sight of the food & only head into the kitchen when absolutely necessary. If you're next to a plate of turkey, you'll likely pick at it. Next to a dish of M&M's? You'll probably eat "just 1" about 100 times. Stay away from it & you won't be tempted! 

Bonus Tip: Exercise the Day Of

at the gym on New Year's morning!
I always make sure that I get some exercise the day of an event. It may be chaotic, especially if you're staying in the place the event is being held, but it'll be worth it. Just remember, a 3 mile run is not grounds for 3 pieces of cheesecake! You're exercising to counteract the food you know you're going to indulge in, not so you can indulge in even more food! 


  1. Holidays and parties are the worst for healthy eating. I was the person who brought the veggie/hummus tray to a bachelorette party once just so I could make sure I had something to eat. I may have dipped carrots into buffalo chicken dip a few times, but better than the chips, right? :)


  2. Hey girl - just found your blog on Mal Smiles and it's too cute! Your family is adorable :)

    If you get a chance, I'd love to see you at One Fine Wire - I'm doing a fun giveaway right now!

  3. i love veggies and hummus. I personally think that all restaurants should offer them as appetizers instead of the fatty onion rings.