Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You Need These Shorts! Like Today!

This morning I woke up & checked my email... I responded to a few blog comments & then stumbled upon this - 

This email was fate. On Monday afternoon, my sister, Ella, aunt, & I all went shopping at my favorite mall. We decided to go into Ann Taylor Loft to scope out the sale racks that were an additional 60% off. While in the store, I fell in love with these shorts.... 

I tried them on & was willing to pay full price for them. They were that comfortable. So we're standing at the register & I can't find me wallet. PANIC. I end up calling Eric, who goes out to my car and finds it sitting on the passenger seat. FAIL. My sister offers to buy me the shorts, but since I was already going to make her buy me dinner, I declined. I was pretty bummed, but then I got a 20% off coupon and decided it was fine, I'd just run out to get them today while Ella was at daycare. 

So when I opened up my email & found a 50% off coupon, I knew I was meant to have the shorts. They didn't originally mark down, but since they are in fact shorts, the sales associate kindly agreed to honor the discount! Lesson - it never hurts to ask sales people for help, they're usually awesome about stuff like this. I also scored a mint tank top for 1/2 off too. My total bill was less then $25! That's less then that original price of the shorts - SCORE! 

Now let me actually tell you about the shorts, they're terry cloth with an elastic waist. This is normally slob-kabob territory, but they're so well tailored that you can look comfy & polished at the same time! I immediately came home and took a photo for you all! 

I will be in these non-stop this summer, since I am trying my hand at being a stay-at-home mom & will have plenty of time to play in the yard :) Get shopping! It's fate! 


  1. 1. You're adorable and 2. I NEED THIS SHORTS!! Perfect for my growing belly!! Do they have them online?! What size do you think I would be?!

  2. Those look like the best shorts ever! I love them!

  3. They look so cute! I'm gonna stop by after work tomorrow and check em out :)

  4. Wow those look comfy! Thanks for linking up to the Weekend Block Party!