Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Wore for My Birthday!

Let's start with my birthday blazer! Eric bought it for me from the Gap & I already told you about the awesome deal I he scored on it. What I haven't told you is how many compliments I got on it! I wore the outfit below to school & got stopped in the Hal by my colleagues & a few of my cheerleaders! If you impress a 14 year old, that's saying something.

blazer - Gap // t-shirt - Old Navy // jeans - Gap
sandals - American Eagle // belt - J.Crew
It has been SO humid here lately. My naturally curly hair is out of control! You'd think that after 26 years I'd have it down. Nope. Oh well, big hair don't care! Not really, I totally care. If you have any tips - please leave them in the comments!

I changed out of my blazer for dinner, mainly because I'm clumsy & didn't want to risk getting pizza sauce on it. I threw together this outfit to take its place, which was perfect for the casual atmosphere of Brick. I love this tank from Target. I saw it again while I was shopping on Sunday - they have it in orange too if you're looking for something bolder!

jeans - Gap // tank - Target // cardigan - J.Crew

I spent Sunday shopping with my sister & Miss Ella, so I kept it super casual. We hit up TJ Maxx & Target. She bought three times as much as I did & I was jealous, but she did buy me a sweet new shirt that I'll be sharing next week with my new Kiki LaRue shorts.
shorts - Gap // top - J.Crew Factory
sandals - American Eagle // watch - Forever 21
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  1. Love your hair Bri!!! Never straighten it! My daughter has really curly hair but mine sadly went straightish, and I wish it had more volume.

    New subscriber :)