Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What I Wear When It Gets Hot...

Upstate New York had a serious swing in temperatures last week. It was 90 degrees for more than half of the week, which meant my middle school students were scantily clad & being reprimanded at every turn. I swear half of them must have changed in the bathroom because no parent would have allowed them to go to school dressed the way that they were. It was really something. Moving on to what I was wearing... I was all about staying cool while still looking appropriate. Now granted, there are completely different rules for schools than there are for offices. Schools in NY do not have air conditioning, thus when the temps rise, we are allowed to get a little lax. I've shared before about how some of my co-workers aren't always the most appropriate, and last week was no exception. I won't go there, but take whatever I'm wearing & divide it in half to imagine what they were wearing.... oye. 

shorts - Gap // tank - Target // sandals - AE // shades - Coach
Here are my outfits for school on Thursday & Friday. A few key notes - I wore a bra that was appropriate for a racerback tank top, as I didn't want my students to see my bra straps. Also, I made sure that my shorts were well below my fingertips when I let my arms fall to my sides. If it's even remotely questionable - don't wear them! 

pants - Gap // belt - J.Crew // tank - Target // necklace - Lia Sophia
And here's Friday's outfit... I'm just going to sing the praises of these pants again. They are so insanely comfortable & lightweight. I was perfectly comfortable all day long on Friday. They're a great investment - details here. You won't regret it. 

Outside of school, I let my hemlines rise & abandon straps when the sun is out. I rocked a strapless dress over my swimsuit for our trip to the pool, complete with a floppy sun hat. My mom bought me that hat last year while I was pregnant and probably thought it was a complete waste of money. I love it though. It is the best thing ever when I'm poolside & don't want suntan lines on my face. And it kind of makes me feel like Rachel Zoe... 

dress - Gap // hat - from a festival 

It started to cool down on Sunday afternoon, so I threw on my chambray shirt with mint shorts for the Greek Fest. (I use the term mint loosely in this scenario, because I feel that they're more seafoam than mint, but mint is what J.Crew advertises them as, so I'll go with it.)

shorts - J.Crew Factory // shirt - Old Navy 
A word on chambray shirts... invest wisely. I am very disappointed with the one that I own & will be upgrading in the fall (or sooner). I bought mine on sale at Old Navy & it just doesn't fit right. It's a little bit boxy & I have a hard time tucking it in because it bulges awkwardly. My sister has one from J.Crew Factory that she loves and my mom has one from Gap as well. I'll be on the hunt & let you know if I come up with some better options that still don't break the bank! Suggestions welcome... 

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  1. Cute! The Gap pants are so cute!

  2. "I swear half of them must have changed in the bathroom because no parent would have allowed them to go to school dressed the way that they were."

    No parent who cared, that is ... and as a teacher you should know by now that there are way too many who just don't. Sad but true.

    And I had never heard the expression 'slob kabob' until you did your post on casual teacher days, cute expression and I think in every workplace there are those who push the boundaries of professionalism and taste ... but as you say, for me working at Corning all I would ever get is a bunch of other engineers saying 'he wore that ... really?!?' :)

    It is amazing the weather transformation - I was on a work trip in Kentucky (again) last week, and on Friday morning at 4:30AM when I went for my run it was already 65F and humid ... I was coated in sweat before I left the hotel parking lot!

    Contrast that with today, where in the Corning area it was 38F and chilly for my 'National Running Day' run ... :)

  3. Could you have the top altered? Hope to see you linked up at What I Wore Wednesday Just grab the badge or link and comment and you're good to go!