Monday, June 17, 2013

We Did It!

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to post today. I seriously thought I might be trapped underneath an avalanche of crap. But I'm here to tell you, I survived! We are officially moved into our new house. 

The closing went smoothly on Friday afternoon and we immediately proceeded to the new house to unload a bunch of boxes that I'd already packed into our cars. It was just Eric & I, so we took care of our PB dishes & other essentials that we I didn't want anyone to break. Eric knows that I'm a little bit crazy about placing items, especially in the kitchen, so he kind of just let me go to it. 

On Saturday morning, Ella woke us up at 5:30 & Eric decided that since we were up, we should just get moving. IT WAS A LONG ASS DAY. To sum it up: 
  • I dropped Charlie off at the groomer at 7. 
  • We went  & picked up the UHaul at 8:30. 
  • My parents were waiting for us at the apartment when we got back. 
  • I opened my birthday present (yay!) 
  • We loaded a ton of boxes into my mom's van/sister's SUV/my car  - while the men loaded every thing else into the UHaul. 
  • My Uncle Billy shows up to save the day & add some muscle to the situation. 
  • Mom, Britt, Ella, & I go to pick up Charlie, buy baby gates, and get lunch. 
  • We go to the new house & eat lunch.
  • We unload and sort and unload and sort. 
  • The couch doesn't fit -- we spend 45 minutes finding a way to get it through the door, damaging it & the door in the process. 
  • Mom goes to buy beer. 
  • The UHaul is finally empty! 
  • Britt & I assemble the crib, while Eric & Dad assemble my bed... Mom plays with Ella. 
  • Dinner - please??? Yes, restaurant has 2 hour wait. 
  • Find new restaurant, where I eat a LARGE buffalo chicken salad & steal Eric's waffle fries. 
  • CRASH. 
Whew... I hope you're as exhausted reading that as I was from experiencing it. I felt awful for my poor hubs, I know he was exhausted yesterday, but he just kept going...

Yesterday was the day that the house finally started to come together! We finished Ella's playroom first thing in the morning... 

Ella in her new playroom! She loves it :)
Then my parents showed up with my sister (they'd stayed at her place Saturday night to avoid the chaos), so I showered & got ready to head out on our shopping mission. This mission was to serve two purposes: 
  1. Get my new watch adjusted at Coach. 
  2. Get Ella out of the house long enough that Eric & Dad could get something accomplished. 
 high meets low - birthday watch from Coach with new Forever 21 sandals
We were successful on both counts. The trip also involved grilled cheese at Tom Wahl's, copious amounts of Dunkin' Donuts, more baby gates, $9 sandals at Forever 21, and a large haul for Miss Ella at Baby Gap. It was a much needed few hours out with my mom & sister. 

Then it was back to the chaos, but at least when I returned the TV was functional, Ella was unable to climb the stairs, and the trash had been moved to the garage. Is the house 100% - not even close. But it is definitely coming along & I'm in love with it! I'll be sure to share photos soon, but here's a before shot of the guest bedroom - aka my "wardrobe room" that I'm redoing & will be taking all of my outfit photos now! It still needs a lot of work, like putting the bed together, but I hope to have it together by this weekend! 

getting ready with Miss Ella this morning in what will
soon be a gorgeous wardrobe room
One more thing! Thanks for all the Twitter love this weekend! 


  1. Congrats on getting closed and moved in! Major step!

  2. Yay! Glad everything worked out the way it did! Congrats on your move!

  3. Exciting! Congrats on the new house. We just moved into our new home 2 weeks ago - it can certainly be overwhelming getting things unpacked, decorated, etc but so so rewarding! Cheers to a wardrobe room! That is awesome.