Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Things I've Discovered While Packing Our House...

1. We have way too much "shit"

OMG - our attic was insance. I forgot how much was piled up there! I found picture frames, Christmas decorations, unused lamps & printers. It was a mish mosh of crap. We ended up taking 10 bags of trash down from there. Eric's mother was appalled... I feel cleansed.

2. Our family has given us a lot of said "shit"

definitely threw a set of these away. sorry, not sorry.
Part of the reason Eric's mom was appalled is probably the fact that she had given us some of the stuff we trashed. Sorry people - we can't keep it all & if it's been in the attic forgotten for 2 years, then we don't need it. I was careful to keep the family collectibles, but if you got it for me on a whim at the Christmas Tree Shop - I tossed it. Whoops!

3. We are not Wii people

I found our Wii tucked away in a drawer, where it was placed when we moved in over 2 years ago. There are many games, but none that we'd actually play these days. It was great in the frat house, but do I really come home & want to bowl a few frames at night? Nope. The Wii went home with my mother-in-law... she's promised to find it a good home.

4. Ella doesn't need toys, only empty boxes

just entertaining herself with a box... for an hour!
We were worried that Ella would be upset/bored if we packed up her toys this weekend. I mean, we still had a week to live in our rental. Not the case, she plays with toys all day at daycare and she spent most of the weekend playing in boxes. Happy as ever, no toys in sight.

5. We will never rid our home of dog hair

adorable, yet hairy
Charlie sheds like crazy. I knew that going it. I thought it was a small price to pay for his cuteness & up until this point, it has been. Since Ella is crawling, I SwifferVac the house at least once a day. Over the weekend, I did it twice a day. It grosses me out to see her with dog hair clumps on her hands! My parents bought us a Dyson as a housewarming gift & I'm hoping that it magically gets rid of all the dog hair. Unfortunately, that probably isn't going to be the case. I'll just have to sweep/swiffer/vaccuum once a day all summer long.

6. I own 4 times as many shoes as Eric 

I am not exagerating. Eric owns a pair of boots, two pairs of sneakers, a pair of flip-flops, and a pair of Sperry's. That's it. I have 3 boxes of shoes packed up & that isn't including what I might wear between now & then - which is another crate of sandals/running shoes in my closet.

7. I have 3 files entitled "important papers" 

I need to make one of these... source

I should probably consolidate those into one, or make some sort of magical binder where all of our important documents are stored. While I'm at it, we should probably invest in a safe. Who am I kidding? All three of these folders will remain as separate entities in the filing cabinet until I need something from them again, at which point I will have this same conversation all over again. 

Since this list is extremely random, I'm going to end it at a completely random number as well. I'll share any other packing revelations on Twitter, so be sure to follow along!


  1. haha - totally with you on the 'too much stuff'! When we moved from the Boston, MA area to the Corning area 5 years ago we had a yard sale and got a dumpster and so on ... so when we got our house here (which was new and therefore totally empty) we would be starting fresh. The kids got all new furniture, so we didn't even bring *that* stuff with us!

    Last weekend there was a 'development-wide yard sale' and many houses had sales. This was the first time we joined in ... and WOW did we have loads of stuff! Without even trying all that hard we had stuff lining both sides of our driveway!

    All that and we seem to be constantly donating stuff to charity as well (we all purged our closets last fall, I got rid of my 'fat clothes', and now that my boys are 6'2" and 6'3" they got rid of the last of their 'boys sizes') ... yeah, as you say the crap piles up fast! And the more room - the faster it piles up, or rather, the more places you have to hide it!

  2. haha omg this is so hilarious and spot on. No matter what i do i will always see dog hair, my family ALWAYS gives me shit and i too have important paper files!

  3. Nice work on getting rid of so much stuff! When I moved from only my apartment, I had a lot of junk, I can't imagine a house!

  4. I dread the day that we have to pack up and move, if it ever happens. If you need a good home for your Wii, my boys would love one!!:)

  5. Way to go Bri! We should be flying back home at the end of the week and purging is at the top of our list!

  6. ha! This is too funny!! I'm cleaning out our home for our big move and holy,moly we have so much crap!! It's ridunkulous. There's been many a trip to Goodwill, and it feels so good to get rid of it. Hope you're all done packing and if not, happy packing to ya!