Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Myrtle Beach - My Home Away from Home

Today I'm linking up for Vacation Dreaming with Holly & Amy because I LOVE VACATION!

Every year my family packs our bags & heads to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina...

In high school, we always went in April during our spring break. As we got older, we turned to August for our vacation - going during the week of both my mom & dad's birthdays. The weather is far more reliable & it actually feels like vacation when half the town isn't there with you. We used to stay on "the strip," but now we rent a beach house in Surfside Beach. We've stayed in several different houses & they've all been amazing. Private pool + 0 elevators = vacation paradise! 

I wouldn't trade those spring breaks for anything though... backpacks full of booze, making out on the beach, tanning with girlfriends all day long - amazing high school memories.

backpacking it on the beach!
This summer will be Eric & my 10th trip to MB! He has gone with us every year since he was a junior! This stat makes me feel very old, but it should also explain a bit of the connection we have to the locale. We love it so much, we even had a set of engagement photos done there....

This year will be Ella's second trip. We road tripped with her when she was 7 weeks old for last year's vacation... she loved it too :) I can't wait to see her splashing in the pool & playing in the sand. I'm sure she will grow to love MB just as much as the rest of us do. 

Ella @ Margaritaville - so tiny! 

If you've never been to MB, here is my must-do list... in picture form - because I think the pictures provide a far better description than I ever could... 

drink on the beach!
Splash in the Ocean!
Go to Crocodile Rock - a piano bar that serves the best rum cocktails ever!
Play Put-Put! There are tons of places, but they're all essentially the same. 

Go out to eat... we have tons of faves & I will gladly share them with you in an e-mail,
but this picture was taken at Margaritaville - a place we make sure to visit every year. 


  1. Wow! Thats so great that you go there every year. I've never been, but would love to go someday. Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I.

  2. I love Myrtle Beach! Your little baby is so sweet in that picture!

  3. I love Myrtle Beach, we always get a house in Ocean Lakes. Fun pictures!

  4. I love Myrtle Beach!! I swear the East Coast as the best beaches! Just don't tell California that I am cheating on her!

  5. That's so wonderful that you guys go there every year. Such great memories!

  6. I have always wanted to go to Myrtle Beach!!