Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Daughter Thinks She's a Dog...

Ella is going through a phase right now & I don't know if I should blame myself or Charlie. I blame Charlie for everything these days... so lets go with that. Ella thinks she is a dog. Here's the evidence... 

Exhibit A: She eats shoes. 

Ella will play with just about anything she finds on the floor, but shoes are her favorite find. In the picture above, she's chewing on the strap to my sandal. That's one of the least gross time's I've found her. She has had my gross Old Navy flip flop shoved in her mouth before. I almost puked when I saw it. New rule: Shoes go up high!

Exhibit B: She curls up under the coffee table. 

This is Charlie's favorite spot. We used to have an area rug there, but it got so disgusting I had to throw it out. Now that the rug is gone, Ella likes to crawl under there & hang out too.

Exhibit C: She likes to have her belly rubbed. 
Ella loves having her belly rubbed. She giggles & carries on for minutes at a time. It's adorable, but also extremely reminiscient of what Charlie loved as a puppy. 

Verdict: my daughter thinks she's a puppy!
I'm sure I'll have a video of her barking & fetching to share with you in no time... 


  1. Haha so cute!! Love the post! Thanks for linking up over at the mom-lovin blog hop today! Following on bloglovin and look forward to reading more posts from you!
    - Hannah @ Joyful Life

  2. Too funny - I wrote a whole post about how toddlers are like cats a while back :) stalking you all over social media from last weeks block party! thanks for linking up <3