Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Done With The Scale...

I live & die by the scale. I've lived this way for the past 7 years... it's all I know. I used to be able to predict within a pound what I would weigh, based on what I'd ate the day before. I knew my body & its ways inside out. Not the case anymore...

my current relationship with the scale
The problem started when I began running. As I upped my mileage and held my caloric intake steadily, I assumed that the scale would drop as a result. And it did to an extent. I hit 125 the day after my half-marathon. I was over the moon. 125 is my happiest of happy weights. It's what I feel sexy at. At 5'3", it's healthy. 

buying a new swimsuit at Target
Once the race was over, I started to shift my focus from purely running to a combination of running & cross training. I've started attending Total Body Sculpting classes in addition to about 12 to 15 miles a week. I feel amazing. I'm not doing anything drastic with my diet, but my body is changing. My size 4 jeans are too big. I'm buying size 2 shorts, which is awesome & scary at the same time. The only problem in this fairy tale is that the scale is a bitch

Since I've started my new regimen, I've gained 3 pounds & I've been at 128 consistently for the past 2 weeks. It's frustrating to see a number go up on the scale when you know that you have to be losing weight because your clothes fit so much better! It doesn't make sense. I've been tracking what I'm eating, how I'm exercising,  even how much water I'm drinking. I can't get it to correlate! 

ready to excersise... happy & healthy at 128 lbs.

That's why I'm done... I can't weigh myself every morning. It's going to turn me into a crazy person. I need to let go of that unhealthy habit. I'm packing the scale up & I'm not planning on getting it out at the new house. So if you want to know what I weigh, today is your day. I'm 128 pounds & proud. I'm in better shape than I've ever been, and I can finally except that the scale ain't nothing but a number. 


  1. You seriously look amazing! And being able to run a half marathon, that's ALSO amazing. That scale ain't got nothin on you.

  2. Good job! I'm such a scale person because I swear, without it I would gain 10 pounds before I noticed. My weight fluctuates day by day so I just like to check and make sure it's staying in the same range. You look AMAZING and literally that picture makes me want to become a runner even more!

  3. The scale is definitely not your friend! A couple of things:
    - First, you have to look at your bikini pic and ask 'am I happy with what I see'? Note, do NOT ask 'can I see any flaws', because that is just as evil as the scale! We can all see our flaws immediately. But when you ask yourself about what you see, you should really be happy with yourself just the way you are - you have gotten into great post-baby shape, run a half-marathon and are really killing the fitness routines. Celebrate yourself! Do NOT let 3 lbs (~2% of your weight) stress you out!
    - Also, being a statistician I know that a process that is over-analyzed no longer behaves normally - and the same is true for people! I think even measuring weekly once you hit a stable point is too much. There are too many variables. I am 6'1", and can vary between 175-185lbs right now (down >100 since last April) ... but I know that stepping on the scale too much is a bad thing!

    So take pride in what you have done and be thrilled at how you look. And sort of how you should have your body guide your running, let your body tell you how you are doing physically. Everything indicates you are doing awesome - so why give all the power to the one thing trying to tell you something different? I bet your husband thinks you look great - and obviously you know it ... so go with it!

  4. You look amazing!! Seriously. I need to drink some of your Koolaid.

  5. This is the first post of yours I've read and I can totally identify with what you're saying. I do about 4 hours exercise a week and eat healthy the majority of the time and I see a difference in myself, but the scales don't show it. Luckily I don't own scales so I don't get too hung up about my weight, it's just a number to me. I go off how I feel and how I look. And I must say you look great at 128lbs! (I didn't intend for that to rhyme!)

  6. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat. If you've consistently been working out and toning up, it makes sense that the number on the scale would go up while your actual size is going down. You look ah-mazing!

  7. I know everyone says muscle weighs more than fat. But honestly it's so frustrating. I have been sitting at 119 forever now and I am 5ft. I know I am getting more fit since my pants don't feel like they are squeezing the bajesus out of me. So finally I stopped weighing myself, it was too much of a downer!!

  8. Good for you! As long as you feel good, who cares what the scale says! So jealous you can rock a bikini though!

  9. Great job! You look fantastic and your a new momma. I'm so inspired. I have bootcamp tonight and I'm hoping I too will soon ditch my scale but right now I'm still mesmerized by its numbers.

    Brittany @ Everyday Thoughts

  10. Good for you!! Throw away your scale, just use your clothes and the mirror to tell you what you need to know. Screw those numbers they cause mind games. You look amazing and have an incredible workout schedule, keep it up chicka!