Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ella at 10 Months

It's official, I don't think she can be classified as a "peanut" anymore! I'll still call her it out of habit, along with Peanut Butter & Ell Belle, but the name no longer fits. She has these adorable little chunky thighs that I just can't get enough of!

her thighs have gotten even chunkier since I took this pic a few weeks ago
She has mastered crawling & is on the go non-stop! If you leave her in the living room & go to the kitchen, she will follow you. We're getting through the next two weeks, but once we move, the baby gates go up!

crawling around with her soccer ball

She can pull herself up & will be walking in no time! She especially loves her Pooh Bear walking toy. It's a little nerve wracking to watch her go speeding across the hardwoods... but our new house has carpet - hallelujah! 

I'm a little concerned that she may think she's a dog, but more on that another time...

She still doesn't say "ma" but it's alright. She's constantly babbling & I'm sure shell get it soon! She can say "da," "ba," and "gagaa" which is what she says when she wants my mom or dad. It's too funny because whenever we turn on FaceTime she gets all excited and starts saying it.

Ella is an excellent waver. She has two versions. The first is the full arm wave & the second is where she opens & closes her little fist. People just melt when she pulls that trick out!

this is her double armed, "I'm very excited" wave

Most importantly, she's healthy. I'm so blessed to have such a gorgeous, loving, well - behaved daughter!


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  2. Bri - thanks for sharing ... it is interesting as our boys are approaching college years we are starting to think more about grandkids and enjoy cooing over other people's babies ... like your's! Hope you enjoyed the great weather as it cools down again. Our kids are just dying to get through regents and be out (ok, our older son moreso since he is going to Europe for July as part of American Music Abroad!)

    Oh, and Ashley, I love to 'link love' pretty much anyone on blogs I read, but seriously ... could you not even acknowledge the post Bri wrote (and I don't think anyone is impervious to cute baby pics)?