Friday, June 7, 2013

Bri's Birthday Wishlist

I'm a little like Ellen, in that I prefer to celebrate my birthday all month long. For instance, I said to Eric on Monday, "you have to share your ice cream with me. It's my birthday!" He doesn't buy into my non-sense... he didn't share. However, he did buy me an awesome birthday present! Well... actually two awesome birthday presents, because we're moving into our new house next weekend! And he bought me this blazer from the Gap...

This is me trying it on in the store last night... I had a hard time deciding which pattern to choose because there was a gorgeous kelly green blazer with white piping too. I decided I'd get more mileage out of this one though, and guess what?! It was on sale! The academy blazer is normally $88, but I found a bunch of them on the sale rack for $39 plus an extra 25% off. If you've been looking for a reasonably priced blazer - now is your time! I love this one & I'm sure you'll be seeing it A LOT - with jeans, with shorts, with bikinis - ok not with bikinis, but you get my point.

Now last week my mom asked me to e-mail her a birthday wish list & I promised to share some of those items with you all... so here is what I asked her for. (Keep in mind, I know that I have a budget, but sometimes she is feeling generous, so I've included a variety of price points in hopes that she might want to splurge on me. )

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote - which p.s. mom... would look amazing with my new blazer

Coach Legacy Leather Wristlet - beacuse sometimes a diaper bag & a purse is just too much.

J.Crew Matchstick Jeans - these are my all time favorite jeans & I need a new pair...

Michael Kors Watch - this is a total long shot... but we'll see what happens.


  1. Gosh you have damn good taste. I need to try j.crew jeans. I've never even tried on a pair! And that watch! Drooling.

  2. Happy birthday! Take as many days as you can manage, I say :)

    Growing up my family wasn't all that punctual with things ... so I tended to have my birthday always bridge at least two weekends. As a result I have always been happy to prolong it, and we have also always done stuff for the kids on their actual birthday as well as a weekend thing with friends/family (which is now basically them hanging out with friends since their both in high school).

  3. I have that Coach wristlet and love it!! Happy birthday!!

  4. LOVE that tote! Adding it to my wish list! Happy birthday miss Bre!