Friday, June 7, 2013

Brick & Legends of the Hidden Temple

Last night Eric & I were able to escape from parenthood for a few blissful hours! My sister generously volunteered to babysit Ella so that we could go to a restaurant that doesn't feature high chairs or zippy cups. After my crazy week at work, it was exactly what I needed... 

Eric & I really love to eat at locally owned restaurants & we decided to try out Brick! It just opened & features woodfired pizzas, which are my favorite. It also has an extensive menu of craft beers, so Eric was sold. 

We ordered woodfired wings and a meat lovers pizzas. The meal came with salad that I loved! Croutons! Creamy Italian dressing! Heaven! 

Our food was superb & we spent the meal talking about grown up things like Eric's new job, closing on our house, and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Eric has never heard of LOTHT! I was appalled. All Nickelodeon game shows were a huge part of my childhood. No worries, I will be forcing him to watch an episode ASAP. 

What TV show was a major part of your childhood? 
I'm looking for some serious throwbacks here...


  1. I had completely forgotten about that show!!! Thanks for bringing back so many great childhood memories!! lol

  2. It is SO important to get 'couple' time to reinforce your marriage! Especially when you have babies it is easy to think 'we're too busy for alone time'. WRONG! My wife and I had a great afternoon of lunch and shopping in downtown Corning last weekend, a great reminder of why I always love time together with her! We do at least one a month ... though with the kids in high school there is more time in-house alone.

    As for shows ... well, you have to remember I was ~16 a teen before cable came to suburban Boston ... so we had 7 channels ABC, CBS and NBC from Boston & Providence (which meant the same thing on 2 channels most of the time), PBS, and the 'UHF' stations 25, 38 and 56.

    My memories are of saturday morning cartoons - Bugs Bunny/Road RUnner hour was huge. After school was stuff like Batman, Munsters and Lost in Space. Channel 38 had the 'Creature Double Feature' every saturday afternoon ... loved that for things like Godzilla movies!

    Also shows like Happy Days/Laverne & Shirley ... and Love Boat/Fantasy Island. Wonderful World of Disney had a Sunday night thing, and I remember we had to be all ready for bed before watching. Definitely young at the time.

    But my biggest one was when Monty Python came to the US in the early/mid 70s on PBS. My dad let us stay up (it started at 10PM). My mom was working at Bradlees dept store, and I remember her coming home one night right in the midst of what was a rather inappropriate sketch ... especially since I was ~9 at the time!

  3. Omg I totally remember this show!