Monday, June 3, 2013

Body Sculpting, Packing, and Pool Time

On Friday afternoon, it was 93 degrees when I picked up Ella from daycare. The A/C in my car is on the fritz, so we booked it home & to our surprise, Eric was already there! That was amazing because it meant that we could get in all of our warm weather fun before Ella's bedtime. We started by cooking separate meals. That might seem odd, but I eat like a 5 year old, so we often cook our own dinners. I had Tyson organic nuggets, tater tots, and corn on the cob. (See, I wasn't kidding when I told you that I eat like a 5 year old...) It was fast, easy, and delicious - just what I wanted after a long week.

Fun story ~ this plate may have "fallen" into Ella's diaper bag at Margaritaville on vacation last September. 

Once dinner was over, we headed out for a long family walk & made it home with lots of time left for Ella to play on the floor before bathtime. The house was HOT though, so I ended up taking her upstairs to our room & getting her to sleep in the AC. We only have one unit, and just don't feel the need to buy another when we're moving in less than two weeks! Luckily, this week is going to be much cooler & I don't think it'll be an issue again. 

Saturday morning I got up to run before it got too hot out. Even though I ran at 7 a.m., it was still 74 degrees & very humid. I was able to keep a 9 minute pace for 3 miles though, which is fast for me. I'm signing up for this race & need to improve my speed to set a PR at my second half marathon! 

running attire for Saturday morning - this shirt from Ruffles with Love is so lightweight!
I knew that there was only one option for our Saturday. We had to find a pool. My sister's complex has one, but she was going to a wedding so I couldn't bug her. Instead, I called our JV Coach, Linda, to see if we could use hers. She loves Ella, so she said yes! We spent 3 hours outside on her deck and splashing in the water. Ella ate her weight in watermelon & I drank my weight in iced tea. It was glorious! Plan to see lots more pictures of pool time with Linda in the future!

splashing on the edge with Linda

poolside with my big floppy hat on
We were exhausted after our pool trip, so we came home & crashed. That involved watching six episodes of Married to Jonas & the season finale of Nashville. Ella took a nap on me, causing me to nearly sweat to death, but it was worth it because she slept for 1 1/2 hours, which never happens at home. 

On Sunday morning, I woke up & headed to the gym. I wanted to hit up Total Body Sculpt and get a run in too. My run was fantastic, mainly because KUWTK was on, and I headed into class pumped up. There was a substitute teacher though, and the class was different than what I am used to. For one, we did a lot of reps and my arms wanted to fall off. All of the ab work was done on the ground using the ball as weight, and I am not coordinated/strong enough to pull of those moves, so I probably looked like a moron. Last, we did a very awkward sequence that I can only described as "humping" the ball. It was supposed to work our inner thighs, but I'm counting it as core work too because I was working really hard to stifle my laughter.
outift for Total Body Sculpt 
I came home from the gym & made a huge chicken salad. I've gotten into the habit of crumbling tortilla chips into my salads & it is so good - way better than croutons. Also, I have started shaking my salads in dressing instead of pouring it on. I have found that I use far less dressing this way - aka less calories. 
Once lunch was over, it was time to start packing. I've had the boxes for 2 weeks now & hadn't touched anything. As a general rule, for every box I packed, I threw away a garbage bag full of junk. I've realized that packing is going to be a nightmare. We moved in two years ago, and since then we moved in all of our wedding gifts & all of the baby gifts. That's a lot of stuff. Especially when you pile it on top of all the random stuff you just naturally accumulate over time. 
Ella thinks packing is fun. 
I was ready to put Ella in her PJs & watch 60 minutes, but then a friend called and invited us to go to The Greek Fest with her. It was a gorgeous night outside, so I agreed to meet her with the stroller & Ella. We walked around, she ate some Greek food, and we took cheesy photos. Definitely an unexpected, but lovely end to our weekend!

with Ella at the Greek Fest

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Your daughter is adorable!!

    Just stopping by from the Weekend Shenanigan's link-up


  2. We just moved on Saturday and have a bunch of Boxes. Let me know if you want them and we can meet up (which we should do anyway!)

  3. What a fun weekend, your mile time is awesome too, especially for 3 miles. Saw you on the blog hop, come say hi sometime! ;)

  4. oh I am SO jealous of your gorgeous weather!!

    Love your blog design by the way! Thanks for linking up with me & Sar!