Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I'm Wearing - Summer's Here!

It's finally warming up in upstate New York! I've been able to wear shorts, flip-flops, and tanks for the past week. My summer style is very similar to my winter style... bold on bottom with neutral on top. It's just what I do....

shorts - Gap // shirt - J.Crew Factory
On Friday, I spent my day working at our district office. This means that I am removed from my students & get to wear whatever I want. Many of my colleagues wear sweats on these days... for serious. I however, opted to go with my Aztec shorts that I only got to wear once or twice last year. I found them on the clearance rack at Gap, right after I had Ella. They're a little big on me now, but were very comfy & looked good with a tucked in shirt. I really wish the shorts had belt loops though, because I think my gold belt would look awesome with them.

shorts - J.Crew Factory // tank - Gap
On Sunday, I spent my day hanging with Miss Ella. I finally got to put on my favorite shorts in the entire world. I've had these bad boys for 3 years now, and am actually wearing them in my engagement session on the beach. They're super comfy & I own them in many colors. If you need shorts, J.Crew Factory is a must try!

dress - Ann Taylor Loft // belt - Target
Yesterday, I had many parent meetings but it was HOT. So, I opted for a lightweight cotton dress and sandals. (Yes, I know I'm barefoot in all of these pictures... I'll try to work on that.) I added my mint belt because the normal black tie at the waist looked boring. I was comfy all day long & got a lot of compliments on the dress, even though it's a few years old.  

pants - J.Crew Factory // shirt - Gap

On Sunday, I posted a pin of an outfit from Moiology. I had originally planned to add my gold belt, since I don't own gold Sperry's. However, that looked strange. I still feel like I captured the spirit of the outfit though & will definitely be rocking it with white shorts all summer long too.

Charlie is a skilled photobomber...
I am in love with these shorts! They're the Sexy Boyfriend Short from Gap and OMG they are comfy. I've been wearing them non-stop since they arrived. I had to go a size down, but I'm always o.k. with that :) I would highly recommend them if you're looking for a comfy pair of jeans that don't let your booty hang out!


  1. Hi! I am a new follower because of Olive and Ivy's Birthday Bash - and I have to tell you, since I am more than twice her age, I got a huge laugh out of her saying now she was old. : )

    I wish you would please send some summer to Saint Louis - today is actually pretty nice, but spring has definitely not arrived yet to stay - craziness.

    I really like the J.Crew Factory/Gap outfit - is it a mint green shirt? I need to get something that is mint green......maybe that would be a great hint to my family for Mothers Day.......

    Happy to be following, and looking forward to reading more!

  2. Love those red shorts and that mint! Can't wait for our shorts weather to come back. Need shorts in my life pronto.

  3. I love the mint shirt! I am coming from Olive Oil and Ivy and I am a new follower!