Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I've Been Wearing...

I have no theme to my outfits this week, just know that it has been a random week. The temperature has varied more than 50 degrees and I had already packed away most of my winter stuff for the move! Also, please know that I've decided my iPhone photos just aren't going to cut it anymore. I seriously think they're getting worse every week. I am going to bust out my real camera (even though I really love the iPhone photo commercial). 

Last night Eric & I had to go to calling hours for his great aunt, a woman that I absolutely adored. She may have been 74, but she had sass and I loved her for it. I had to do a quick change, since I was at training in yoga pants all day. So, I threw on black tights, a skirt, and tank. I paired those basics with my favorite black cardigan & black boots. Thankfully, I hadn't packed those yet! 

cardigan - J.Crew // boots - Steve Madden // skirt - Banana Republic Outlet // tank - Target

I get really nervous when I'm dressing for calling hours & funerals. I'm so afraid that I'll be too bright or too black. Such a fine line! My grandma always told me that you could wear color to calling hours, but always go black for a funeral. So, that's my rule of thumb. Last night, black was just easy so I went with it. 

Mother's Day was a very chilly affair, but we spent the day inside so I didn't have to bundle up. I was inspired by this post & love how it turned out! I will definitely be wearing this outfit to work in the near future... I just have to tell you how much I love my Gap Broken In Straight Khakis. They're so comfortable & I am most definitely asking for another pair for my birthday! 
Our bathroom walls are pink at my parent's house & no matter
what I did in editing I couldn't get this picture to turn out! My khakis
are lavender & my cardigan is deep purple. 
Purple Power with my Dad!

I wore this outfit to work on Monday. Even though it was only 50 degrees, I still wore my wedges. I had just found them in the attic & they're six years old! I love finding treasures like that :) They're from American Eagle, which is a store I wouldn't expect to have great shoes, but they really do. 

jeans & sweater - J.Crew Factory // wedges - American Eagle

And here's a better look at my wedges... 

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