Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile...

1. Caffeine

Self-explanatory. Caffeine makes everything better. (Unless you're Jesse Spanno overdosing on caffeine pills...) 

2. Wearing Yoga Pants & Flip Flops 

a favorite outfit for around the house...
I am wearing these to work today actually. I have a training to attend that involves rolling around on the floor, thus we were encouraged to wear athletic attire. While I'm a little nervous about what this may entail, I'm down for any day that allows me to wear yoga pants & flip flops. 

3. Packages in the Mail

Any time I see a package on our doorstep, I'm immediately excited. Whether it's for me, Eric, or Ella... I still get excited. Piperlime packages happen to be my favorite, aren't they the prettiest?

4. My Family 

I am very close with my immediate family, as well as my aunt's family. We do the majority of our family dinners combined. (See here...) I adore that my family spoils the hell out of Ella. I might have to reign it in someday, but for now, dote on her all that you want. 

5. Vacation (or even just the thought of it...) 

We aren't heading out on vacation until mid-August, but the beach is my happy place. We'll spend the week splashing in the waves, lounging by the pool, eating at delicious restaurants, and shopping. Vacation is my paradise.

What makes you smile?


  1. Wow! You and I would be smiling together, because I totally agree with this list! All of my favorite things....Just so you know, Olive & Ivy sent me to your blog.

  2. Amen to caffeine and packages at the door!! Love getting packages:)

  3. I love getting mail and packages at the door.

  4. It's a pitty that vacations only make me smile once a year... glad I have caffeine ;-)
    I'm coming from Olive & Ivy, and loving your blog!