Thursday, May 23, 2013

People Who Are Cooler Than Me...

Sometimes you just have to face it, there are people in the world that are cooler than you. They're the people you see on Pinterest, read their blogs, and just generally stare at on the street. They wear things that I could never pull off & write things that are funnier than a Will Ferrel movie. Here's my top five list of people who are cooler than I am.

1. Anyone Who Wears a Fedora

Let's face it... Rachel Zoe is way cooler than I am.
I cannot pull off hats. I look like I'm trying to hard to be cool. The people who rock these hats look effortlessly cool. My best friend happens to be one of those people. She can throw on a fedora & a maxi dress and look like a million bucks. I just can't pull it off. This really applies to any & all head related trends. I cannot rock head scarves, headbands, or tiaras either.

2. People Who Cook Real Meals

I'm sure I'll look just like Giada cooking in my new kitchen.

I can't cook to save my life. That's a lie. I can cook, I choose not to. I'm hoping this will change when we move & I have a functional kitchen. Right now, I simply drool & admire from afar as I scan Pinterest ooohhing and ahhhing over all of the people out there in the world that can whip up a bad ass meal.

3. Mama Laughlin

Mama's blog was the first blog I ever read. I'd found it on Pinterest & got addicted. She's hilarious, has two kids, and is a former fat kid like myself. She works her ass off every day at the gym at 5 AM and doesn't complain about it. She takes mirror pic selfies like her job & doesn't give a shit if other people stare. To top it off.... she has a blogging best friend & a wardrobe that rivals a Kardashian sister. She's awesome - way more awesome than me. She's what I aspire to be.

4. People Who Work for Charities

FYI - Nadine looks just like Angie...
I have such deep respect for people who work at non-profit organizations. I certainly do my part for the world as a teacher, but those who work with those less fortunate truly amaze me. I cannot imagine the things that they must experience on a daily basis. Just the other day, Nadine posted about her job working with childhood cancer patients. It's heartbreaking, important work. Those who do it are most definitely cooler than me.

5. People Who Travel On a Regular Basis

I pretty much drooled the entire time Robyn was in
Hawaii posting photos to Instagram

I get insanely jealous when I'm reading blogs about exotic travels. I love to vacation, but my family tends to play it safe with beach trips to South Carolina or a week in Disney. We rarely go anywhere that could be described as exotic. I love reading about trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, and pretty much anywhere else. Traveling is something that Eric & I truly want to do with Ella. We really want to take her abroad & our dream is to take her to see the Olympics. (She was born on the night of the opening ceremony.) For now, we'll just keep reading about people who are cooler than us going to places that are cooler than anywhere we've been to.

I figure there's still hope to be this cool though... a year ago I definitely would've added "People Who Run" to this list, and this year I have a half-marathon under my belt. Who knows, maybe I'll find a fedora on clearance this weekend. Maybe I'll start actually cooking the recipes I've been pinning. Maybe my mom will surprise me with tickets to Hawaii for my birthday. And even if neither of those things happen (and let's be honest, they probably won't)... I'm going to keep on keeping on with my own cool self.


  1. so i totally agree with all of these. some people are so casual cool in a fedora, i'm like... "im trying to be casual cool" hahahah

  2. I SO cannot pull of hats either and am so jealous of people who can!

  3. This cracked me up! I bet you could TOTALLY pull off a fedora! You just need to find the right one! I felt the same way but for the last three I have been on a search for THE fedora. AND THEN IT HAPPENED! Yesterday as I was killing some time I found it! What a moment it was! I do feel cooler, not gonna lie. :) But when I tried them on in the past I felt ridiculous. I guess the hat found me. ;) Don't give up!